About Us

Who are we and what are we trying to do here?
Good question. Nau is an outdoor apparel company born out of a desire to do business differently. From designing our clothes and developing our fabrics, to the way in which we build our stores, to our dedication to supporting organizations working for positive change, we are striving towards a more sustainable approach to being in business. At the core of our enterprise is the desire to expand the nature of the outdoor experience beyond athletic endeavors, and redefine what it means to align oneself with the outdoors.

We believe in the power of the collective, and we seek to turn that power towards the goal of positive change, in a variety of forms. Basically, we like to learn. And nothing furthers learning more than listening. So we’d like to listen to the people whose opinions we respect”like yours. We’re pretty sure there are a lot more folks like us out there”concerned, inquisitive people, looking for engaging, challenging and potentially transformative dialogue.

Sound like you? We thought so.

Rules for the Party

Come in. Sit down. Speak up.

Besides the kitchen being the best spot for hanging out, it’s also a fundamental spot for learning, the place where people who have particular skills and real knowledge gather to share it, and to nourish themselves in the process. It’s our goal to capture some of that same spirit of attentive exchange and applicable information, to not only hear about things we’re interested in but about ways to change the things that are failing.

We welcome your comments. They are a vital part of the dialogue we’re seeking”hard to have a dialogue with only one party, you know. Each of our offerings includes a comment field below it. We read them. So do our friends and neighbors. Please add your voice to the conversation.

But, be a good guest.
Among the things we don’t like, rude people are right at the top of the list. Don’t be rude, please. It’s just so tiring to deal with. Come and swim around with us in the realm of ideas. Just don’t pee in the pool.

You can suggest a question for us to explore by emailing: customercare@nau.com

Like what’s going on here? Know some people who might find reading The Thought Kitchen valuable? Let them know about us. If you have a blog of your own, we’d love a link. Thankfully, this kitchen never gets too crowded.