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Coming Together: International Women’s Day

— By: The Team at Nau

It goes without saying that here at Nau, we believe in coming together for a better world. This forward vision we share, while incorporating outward-facing goals in sustainability practices & better-designed product, in truth starts inward, and it starts with people. If not everyone and every gender, race, ethnicity, or religion is given the opportunity to thrive, then who is progress for?

To us the makeup of a better world is clear: it’s one that’s built upon inclusion, justice & stands for gender equality. This sentiment is the catalyst for International Women’s Day, a celebration where women and their allies in over 30 countries stand in solidarity for equality. Without doubt, it was one we were thrilled to get behind.

With a team that’s over 66% women (and 33% equality-advocating men), we decided to take the day together to honor one another & those doing incredible work to support women around the world. While we started the day writing inspiring notes & quotes for our customers and ended the day hiking with women of all ages in our nearby Forest Park, it was our stop at our Partner for Change, Mercy Corps, that truly gave us the perspective on what empowerment of women on a global scale means.

According to Mercy Corps, approximately $17 trillion could be added to the global economy if women had the same access to jobs and income as men do. When you hear this statistic, the scope of this issue becomes undeniable. Through long-standing programs from education systems to business funding, Mercy Corps is empowering women. They in turn strengthen their families, contribute to their communities and so, help create a better world.

Read on here about the lives that have been lifted through Mercy Corps’s work and learn how when women are empowered, everyone wins.