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Alligators and Astoria

— By: Allison Ross

Three weeks ago, we packed up and headed west to explore some of our favorite parts of the coast during it’s most quiet, and in our opinion, awesome time of year (when weather cooperates). This first behind-the-scenes post of two covers our adventures in the most northern part of coastal Oregon. We even snuck into Washington for a little. (Shh, don’t tell Oregon, but we love them both.)

Photo: Tyson Wipper

We started our day in Astoria. Yes, it’s a seaside town, crab shacks, seas lions, a little gritty around the edges (I didn’t take a photo of it, but the busted out white limo on cement blocks made my day), but what inspires me most about this magical place is the color. I think it’s a combination of the light fighting through the morning fog with the sunny bleached fades of summers past that puts this beautiful powder-like finish on every surface. This seemed so appropriate for our spring collection (launching March 2nd) since our palette really uses an interesting balance of softness and matte with vibrance and sheen.

Don’t get me wrong. The coast is still the coast, and has its, um, charm, like Jake the Alligator Man, the Seaside Aquarium, the Goonies House, even the world’s largest frying pan.

Photo: Boone & Christine Speed
Photo: Boone & Christine Speed
Photo: Boone & Christine Speed
Photo: Boone & Christine Speed

We even got to hang out with the gear heads at Bikes and Beyond, and end our day in the Voodoo Lounge, while Sarah, our super pro-model and member of Portland-based band, Lost Lander, farted around with the music equipment.

Photo: Boone & Christine Speed

And this was all in one day. To be able to call this work, spending the day with friends, and making new friends, in a familiar place that we force ourselves to look at with new eyes, is a pretty amazing thing. Astoria, you’re great, and treated us so well (and you too, Long Beach, you freaky, magical, mysterious place, you).

Stay tuned for more insight on the next day of our shoot, as we pack up and drive south.

Photo: Boone & Christine Speed