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The Perfect Alternative to Down

— By: Alison Wu

Made from a blend of recycled polyester and activated carbon derived from coconut husks, Cocona®, our goose down alternative, retains heat, dries faster and has a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than any other synthetic insulation. This is how it works: Activated carbon derived from coconut husks is blended with recycled polyester. This, in turn, increases the surface area of the insulation allowing it to dry faster and resist odors (you can imagine a pool of water takes longer to evaporate than if you spread the same liquid across a counter), and carbon, being dark in color, is able to absorb more heat.

Utility Workshirt

We love Cocona as an alternative to down, and we’re using it in a number of pieces for our fall/winter collections. On the men’s side, the Utility Workshirt and Utility Bomber, inspired by military and industrial workwear, both feature a matte-finished recycled poly and organic cotton face fabric with Cocona insulation for added warmth. The Synfill Stretch Hoody offers all the comfort of your favorite hooded sweatshirt with the performance of a winter jacket. On the women’s side, for the Synfill Kimono Trench, a collaboration with Snow Peak, we took an east-meets-west approach to design using sharp angles and a dramatic, billowing hood on this fully seam-sealed, waterproof trench with Cocona insulation. The women’s Synfill Asym Jacket offers Cocona insualtion in a lighter weight, weather-resistant piece that’s perfect for transitioning from winter to spring.

Synfill Asym Jacket
Synfill Stretch Hoody