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One Million Strong – People for Bikes

— By: Kyle Duford

Recently, People for Bikes — one of our long-term Partners for Change — reached a very special goal: 1 million riders. This monumental task of engaging that many supporters is amazing for any charitable organization, and we’re happy for our friends there.

Since it’s inception in 1999, People for Bikes (originally called “Bikes Belong”) has been a staunch supporter of bicycle advocacy through the country, educating and supporting through the common, unified voice of cyclists in their respective communities — no matter how that manifests itself. That includes tapping into a group of industry bicycling suppliers and retailers, as well as you, the riders. Over the years they have spent over $30 million to “make bicycling better,” including $2.1 million in local community projects.

I’ve been on a bike since I was a little kid. I rode with my mom for miles, took my BMX (with 007 number plates) to my friends and was in awe of my velodrome-racing older brother. It never dawned on me that as I grew up and turned into a triathlete, and later a roadie, that we needed an advocate for bicycle riding, be it for health, safety or legal reasons. So when I first discovered People for Bikes through one of its community projects, the Green Lane Project, in which they have helped to advocate for (and create) green bike lanes in major cities that I’ve lived in (Denver, San Francisco and Portland), I was all-in. The organization’s programs in these cities and many others have helped riders get a safe lane to commute to work, run errands or just to enjoy riding. According to their records, until 2011 only 78 lanes were available in the US, but that number nearly doubled to 138 protected bike lanes within the first two years of the Green Lane Project.

Some other programs (and there are many) include their community grants levied through the U.S. (to help fund paths, trails, bike racks and a host of others too numerous to list), sponsorship of the National Bike Summit and their political advocacy on Capitol Hill.

To celebrate with them and to thank them for their hard work, on December 5, 2014, if you select People for Bikes at checkout on we’ll increase our daily contribution to them from 2% to 5%. Because when you shop for the holidays, there’s nothing better than the choice to give back to one of our partners.