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The Iconic Trench

— By: The Team at Nau

As 2014 comes to a close, we finish with our last Materealist story. With a rich history, the trench coat stands as an iconic fashion piece that many say is an essential item in any man or woman’s closet. Let’s start from the beginning. The trench coat first appeared around the time of World War I as a new alternative for British and French soldiers, shielding them from the elements on the front line. Both British fashion brands, Burberry and Aquascutum, claim to have invented this piece. And both brands used a similar woven, water-repellant fabric to craft their version of the trench.


Over the years, both brands continued to manufacture the classic garment that gave them both fame. While Burberry recognized the importance of innovation, their competitor crafted the same piece with little change. And although Aquascutum kept high standards when it came to performance, Burberry evolved the iconic trench coat to appeal to modern, style-oriented consumers.


Here at Nau, we believe you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. You can have both. Designer, Peter Kallen loves to use classic, age-old materials and approach them from today’s standards, so they work with the modern person’s lifestyle. We always craft our collections with sustainable materials, like recycled wool and organic cotton, as well as newer ones, like recycled polyester. This same design and materials philosophy extends to our trench collection. Classic silhouettes that have a familiar presence with design details that feel relevant to today’s modern lifestyle – bike commuting, weekend adventuring, urban living.


Our versatile collection of trenches includes everything from supremely warm insulated puffers, like the Simmer Down Trench, to tailored, waterproof hard shells, like the Modus Trench. Whether you’re headed to the mountains for the weekend or venturing around your favorite city, every level of insulation, collar, hood, closure system, pocket detail and placement allows you to venture confidently into your day. We pay homage to the designers that created the iconic trench silhouette, as we move into a bright future that embraces both form and function.