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Holiday 2014 Gift Guide by Nau

— By: The Team at Nau

The holidays are an important time of the year to say thank you to those people in your life who keep you sane. The people you go exploring and adventuring with, spend the work week with and dive into weekend projects with. “But how do I find the right gift for that person?” you might ask. We’re here to help. We’ve put together some gift recommendations to help you find just the right thing for each of the best people in your life. Check out the Nau Holiday 2014 Gift Guide.

holiday 2014 gift guide_ECO0012_Blog_Sophisticate_900x400The Sophisticate

With a taste for the finer things, this girl wears a trench, like the Luminary Trench, that’s sleek and modern with clean lines and a tailored fit. She’s always moving from one place to another, wearing her Down Loopner Scarf and carrying her Simple Tote with her essentials.


holiday 2014 gift guide_ECO0012_Blog_Outdoorsman_900x400The Outdoorsman

Whether he’s out in the field or deep in the forest, the Outdoorsman needs a jacket, like the Ternary Jacket, that can protect him from the elements. Always prepared for any adventure, this guy packs his Down Shirt as an extra layer and his Mini Hozuki to light the way.


holiday 2014 gift guide_ECO0012_Blog_Explorer_900x400The Explorer

Whether it’s a chilly mountaintop or a group of cascading waterfalls in the forest, the Explorer loves discovering remote places. When she’s out on an adventure, she never forgets her Down Shirt, Randygoat Hoody or Reflect Water Bottle.


holiday 2014 gift guide_ECO0012_Blog_Craftsman_900x400The Craftsman

With an appreciation for the well built and handmade, this guy needs a jacket, like the Transporter Jacket, that has fine attention to detail. When he’s not building, fixing or conceptualizing something, he likes to drink craft beer from his ceramic Portland Growler Company Growler.


holiday 2014 gift guide_ECO0012_Blog_Weekender_900x400The Weekender

This girl loves to get out of town. Whether it’s exploring a new city or heading to the mountains, she packs her Fluent Traveler with all the essentials, like her Fader Plaid Jacket and Nudie Jeans.


holiday 2014 gift guide_ECO0012_Blog_Urban_900x400The Urban Commuter

Always on the go, the Urban Commuter needs a jacket, like the Hokkaido Blazer, that can keep up with his fast-paced, always changing lifestyle. When he’s running out the door, he throws his M2 Scarf and Shwood Sunglasses in his Motil Commuter Bag.