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Get Down With Down

— By: Jamie Bainbridge

Down has long been regarded as the highest performing, premium insulation material in the apparel industry. But why is that exactly? As the weather gets colder with the onset of the so-called “polar vortex,” we thought this would be the perfect moment to get down on down and explain what the hype is all about.

Men’s Down Fractal Hoody Jacket


In the apparel industry, the most attractive element of down is the incredible amount of insulation you can achieve with very little weight being added to the garment. The lightweight nature of down means we can develop a product like the Men’s Down Fractal Hoody Jacket, which will keep you incredibly warm and protected from the wind, yet only weights 15.5 oz. – less than a pound.

Women’s Down Stole


It also means we can develop pieces, like the Women’s Down Stole, that push the boundaries of performance and fashion by being thin enough to create beautiful shapes and draping effects, while also having enough insulation to keep you warm on cold evenings.

Men’s Down Sweater


And let’s not forget about the practical benefits for all of the mountaineers and frequent travellers out there. The same physical properties that make down incredibly light also make it highly compressible. You can take that big Down Sweater and squish it down to the size of a balled up t-shirt in your pack or suitcase, saving a ton of much-needed space.

Men’s Down Shirt Women’s Allee Down Pullover


Super light, incredibly warm and easily packed away, down is definitely one of the most versatile insulators out there. Stay warm this winter with our full line of down outerwear.