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Materealism, Nau

— By: The Team at Nau

As we hold onto autumn for dear life, we know it’s inevitable, winter and the holidays are a white-knuckle-drive away, impatiently waiting to twist our cheeks and ask, “When are you going to get married, already?”

Something that is evitable: Material matter without meaning.


While concepting our 2014 holiday story, we wanted to explore the idea of materialism during this especially materialistic time of year and figure out how to bring some reality of what matters into our message. I’m still pretty new at Nau, but something that became clear very quickly was that our materials are at times a huge pain in the ass (it’s not easy being green), but they are something we cannot compromise. That’s a reality, so just like that, materealism was born. Even as I type this story, my computer keeps trying to tell me with angry little red underlining dots, “Hey you, you got it wrong. This isn’t a word.” But you know what computer? It totally is a word; Nau. (Ooooooh, see what I just did there? Swish!)

So grab only what you need, and ride shotgun with us, as we get all materealistic about wool, down and recycled poly over the next few weeks. And while we’re out there, be sure to take a little time this season and slow down, be curious, use your imagination, experience all you can and find meaning in the things you do.

The Materealists: Wool – Launching 11/3
Our modern workwear collection comes to life in a surreal throwback to where it all began.
The Materealists: Down – Launching 11/18
Art and imagination bring the technical benefits and performance features of down to life.
The Materealists: Trenches – Launching 12/8
Neck deep in the holiday season, we slow down and take in the big picture and the tiniest details of our iconic trench collection.