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Staff Picks: Men’s Fall ’14

— By: The Team at Nau
tripoly jacket

Kyle Duford – Director of Ecommerce

Favorite piece from the Fall 2014 collection?  Tripoly Jacket

Why is it your favorite? I love the hardshell feel and performance of this jacket without looking like I just got off K2.

Where would you wear this piece, and what would you be doing? Because it’s completely waterproof, I’ve worn it in a downpour, and I’ve worn it over a dress shirt and jeans — it works perfect in both circumstances. When I’m wearing this, it’s probably walking to Stumptown Coffee during a typical fall Portland morning rainstorm. Hood up (and an extra espresso shot) on extra soggy days.

treble jacket

Nick Lawrence – Marketing Manager

Favorite piece from the Fall 2014 collection? Treble Jacket

Why is it your favorite? I’m a sucker for wool outerwear. There’s just a classic look and feel of the material that I love, plus the wool just feels substantial. It’s like a great pair of raw selvedge denim. This jacket in particular is great because it uses the performance benefits of recycled polyester as an internal layer, so that the wool outer layer can be thinner and more comfortable without loosing the weather resistance. I love that I can shove this jacket into my bag when riding to work, which you can’t do with most wool coats.

Where would you wear this piece, and what would you be doing? Walking the waterfront on a foggy/misty morning. Maybe we’re walking to grab some breakfast, or just out for a walk before heading into work. Wearing this jacket makes me feel like I need to be near the water on a chilly day, collar up against a light biting breeze.

utility bomber hoody

Tyson Wipper – Art Director

Favorite piece from the Fall 2014 collection? Utility Bomber Hoody

Why is it your favorite?  The Utility Bomber is the perfect weight for fall/spring, and it offers enough rain protection for most misty Portland days.

Where would you wear this piece, and what would you be doing? This has been my go-to piece this fall. I love it for it’s comfort and for it’s styling, which hits a sweet spot that works equally as well for dining out as it does for trips to the hardware store.