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P.S. Co. x Nau Makers Series: Harding & Wilson

— By: Alison Wu
Peter Lee wearing the Lightbeam Jacket and Altiplano Shirt

Peter Lee is the Co-Founder of Harding & Wilson, a Portland-based brand that creates bow and neck ties from materials sourced in the Pacific Northwest. Whether it is the contrast stitching or the hand-stamped packaging, each tie is handcrafted with attention to detail. Peter and his business partner, Alex Nguyen, blend turn-of-the-century style with their Northwest influence to create a product that can be worn casually or dressed up and that ideally will outlive its original owner being passed along through the generations. P.S. Co. caught up with Peter at his favorite Portland deli, Otto’s, to find out the 5 things he can’t live without, why he believes style and function go hand-in-hand, and where he goes to get away from it all. Check out his answers, here.

Harding & Wilson’s Chinook bow tie and Nau’s Altiplano Shirt

Below is a collection of Peter’s favorite items from our Spring/Summer ’14 collection, including the Lightbeam Jacket and Altiplano Shirt.

Peter’s daily essentials


Words by Alison Wu.