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Welcome Bikes Belong

— By: The Team at Nau

When we decided to add a new partner to our Partner for Change program, the decision was unanimous to bring Bikes Belong into the fold.

The Bikes Belong Foundation was launched in 2006 in Boulder, CO. Their mission is simple: get more people on bikes more often.

They have their hands in a variety of bike related projects including: maximizing federal support for bicycling, connecting communities through bike projects, organizing ad campaigns, promoting bikes through the Safe Routes to School partnerships and the program we’re supporting– People for Bikes.

If this motivational poster above Peter’s desk isn’t enough to convince you to choose two wheels instead of four the next time you leave the house, read more about the benefits of biking on their website.


Welcome Bikes Belong, we’re proud to welcome you to the Partners for Change program.


Words by Josie Norris.