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— By: The Team at Nau


Hal is the best.

He is the best boss. The best creative. The best at communicating a brand.

He is the best listener and also the best teacher.

He is the best at showing up at work with a knatty head of hair. The best at chewing on his glasses when he’s lost in thought. The best at scribbling his ideas out on crumpled paper napkins. The best at distilling 18 paragraphs down to the most important 3 words. The best at flying in the face of convention, giving convention the bird, and moving on to what matters more (truth). And the best – the very best – at leaving parties with his Irish goodbye.


And he is also the brightest. Because today is his last day of work managing our band of crazybirds at Nau, and he’s going off to the high desert with his beautiful wife to play.

Oh Hal. Always the smartest in the room. Thank you for all of it. We miss you already.