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10% Giving Guest Post: Mercy Corps

— By: The Team at Nau

[This week, as part of Nau’s pledge to donate 10% of sales from nau.com to our Partners For Change, we are pleased to share a collection of guest posts from our partner organizations. Today’s guests are Carlene Deits and Minda Seibert at Mercy Corps. -Ed.]

Mercy Corps is fortunate to have been a Nau “Partner for Change” since 2007.  Through the  patronage and generosity of Nau’s customers, Nau has donated over $40,000 to Mercy Corps and our “Where Needed Most” programs which address critical global issues and support our overall mission. Nau recognizes that Mercy Corps is a catalyst for positive, lasting change and has graciously encouraged their customers to help make our work possible. Nau and their community’s donations have impacted some of the world’s toughest places.

When conflict or disaster strikes, families suffer.  People lose their homes,  businesses and livelihoods; they must start again from nothing. For 30 years in places suffering from economic collapse, political transitions, armed conflict and natural disasters, Mercy Corps has been empowering millions of individuals, families and entire communities  to  turn crises into opportunities for long-term change.  We know that societies become stronger when citizens are actively involved in decision-making, so Mercy Corps creates safe spaces where communities can discuss solutions to the biggest challenges affecting their lives.

Donations to Mercy Corps open schools, start small businesses and establish peace in places scarred by conflict. Your support helps hard-working people rebuild their lives and homes. We are thankful to Nau for donating to Mercy Corps and giving us the ability to respond to disasters, to invest in innovative initiatives that maximize the value of our expertise, and to work in places where need is greater than donor interest.

Both Mercy Corps staff headquartered in Portland and international staff around the world know the value of partnerships with globally aware and socially conscious companies like Nau.  On behalf of the Mercy Corps family and the people we serve in 40 countries, we truly appreciate your charitable support of the Nau-Mercy Corps partnership and for allowing change-oriented organizations to make a difference.

Carlene Deits and Minda Seibert, Mercy Corps