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fall portraits: what the efff

— By: The Team at Nau

We’ve been busy lately. Doing a lot of strange things.

Last week, we had to find a pig.

An airport.
Some chickens.
And a place to put a house.
We had to find an open field, a muddy road, and the best pants to wear with knee-high rubber boots.

All this to make the subjects of our Fall 10 Portraits Series happy. And all requests that have been an absolute delight to fulfill. Because the 10 people we’re shooting this time around – just like last time around – are inspiring, provocative, creative, and smart.

photoThey hail from Portland, Olympia, Brooklyn, and LA. And whether they are making photos, films, or foie gras, they are incredibly good at what they do. So if one of them suggests I find a way to relocate their house in order to make the perfect shot, then hell yes. I will do that. And that might sound crazy to you, but it will make sense. Later.

In the meantime, here are some pics of our first day on location. As is always the case, the fun or not-fun factor on a shoot depends entirely on the nature of the crew. I love this crew. We are having fun with a capital efff. As in: What the Fun. Yup.

We’re back at it again this week, with the first round of final shots out in the world next month.

photo-1This is Eden Batki. She is shooting the series. She is from LA. She is crazy talented.

muddy roadWe went scouting in the woods. Found our muddy road.

photo-3Found our field.

photo-4Found the last apple on an apple tree (and stole it, and ate it).

ansel adamsEden channels her inner Ansel Adams to review shots.

photo-7Kristin wrangles hair, makeup, and unruly extras. The fellow in the back is Tom, shooting video.

photo-11Some visiting farm-ish types stabbed a head of cabbage to death and made us all laugh to death, in the process.

angelLeah, our tireless producer (and Eden’s agent), keeps us on track even when she’s pretending to ignore us. She looks like an angel here because that’s what she is.

(Oh and the pic at the very top: That woman back there, she is fierce. My respect for her runs deep. You’ll see.)


Words by Eugénie Frerichs.