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Last call for Entries in a GOOD contest!

— By: The Team at Nau

That’s right! Only one week remains until the submission deadline in GOOD Magazine’s Everyday Solution to an Extraordinary Problem design project, sponsored by Nau. And while the ideas have been pouring in to GOOD’s contest page and twitter feed, there’s still one entry we’re waiting on: yours.

From Tax incentives for low-emission vehicles to scheduled blackouts to the simple act of thinking of others before we spend, the current entries include some interesting ideas. Can the creative folks here in the Thought Kitchen can top the current contenders? We think you can. Prove us right, and you could be the lucky winner of eternal Thought Kitchen glory. Well, that and a $500 Nau gift certificate. Glory’s got to look good, after all.

To enter, post your comment to GOOD’s contest page, tweet @GOOD, or e-mail projects[at]goodinc[dot]com with a pressing global problem and your creative, DIY solution. Don’t forget to post it here too, in the comments section below.

newhampshireP.S. And while you’re over there at GOOD, check out the winners of their recent “Design a Neighborhood Infographic” contest. This ex-granite stater loves the idea that we could all be neighbors in New Hampshire, though I’m not sure Profile Lake or my favorite corners of the Pemi would be the same with the neighborhood density of Brooklyn…


Words by Alex Hamlin.