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Invent for GOOD, Get Nau

— By: The Team at Nau

Today, our friends at GOOD have offered up just one more reason to give a damn—$500 in Nau gear. Always on the lookout for new and inventive ways to create positive environmental and social change, they’ve partnered with Nau on a contest to “Design an Everyday Solution to an Extraordinary Problem.

Some would say the pressure is on the scientists, politicians, and business leaders of the world to develop those solutions. But why not you? With this project, we’re hoping you will think about what’s preventing you from acting on your positive impulses, and what inventions might remove those roadblocks. Do you not bike because you live somewhere rainy? Maybe you could invent a handlebar umbrella attachment. Do you hate the way tofu tastes? Maybe you could create a recipe for deep-fried delight. The possibilities are

GOOD is accepting entries through March 31st, so put on your thinking helmet, charge up the idea machine, and fire off your flashes of brilliance by tweeting @GOOD, or by e-mailing projects[at]goodinc[dot]com. The top three solutions will win a $500 Nau gift card. So come on, Thought Kitcheners—what’ve you got? Hit us up in the comments with any ideas you’re thinking of submitting.

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Words by Alex Hamlin.