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Good things are happening : the Grant for Change

— By: The Team at Nau

Three months ago we sent the nation on a quest: seek out the do-gooders and bring us their stories of change. A host of champions deserve great celebration.

The response to the Grant for Change was overwhelming. The first day of the G4C brought eleven submissions. By the first week, there were fifty-four. After six weeks, we had accepted 294 nominations. With each new day I was amazed at the quality, and the range of subjects that each of the projects represented.drummond_steele1_550x382

Most of all, I was inspired. How often do you get to see page after page of self-starters, dedicated to their passion, working for pennies (or free) and still motivated and excited to keep it up, day after day? Corresponding with these amazing individuals and teams, processing their submissions, and looking deeper into their causes, left me with renewed confidence that our passions and goals are not lost to systemic fiends.

We whittled 294 nominations down to ten Finalists. After a month of interviews, questionnaires, and thorough due diligence, acclamation is due to one team in particular.

I am proud and excited to announce the first recipients of the Grant for Change. Congratulations to Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele, and their project Facing Climate Change.

This was not a contest (although at times it felt like one). More accurately this was an opportunity to bring together the founders and architects of positive action and connect them to one another. The myriad opportunities for collaboration beyond this platform are still out there, in the works, and open for discussion. The return on investment made here is like a hug – hard to quantify, but of indefinite value.

What does a clothing company have to do with sea kelp? Peace activism? Climate change? My job was simply to orchestrate part of this positive change making, and help spread the word that a clothing company does not have to simply sell clothes. The Grant for Change has roused my motivation. It brought optimism with its many accomplished and enthusiastic do-gooders. We can all make a positive difference, one small change at a time.