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Gordon’s Question of the Month #1

— By: The Team at Nau

question-of-the-monthLast week we spent some time out of the office to establish our priorities for the coming year and refine our 5-year vision for the family of brands (Nau, Lizard Lounge, and Horny Toad). Being committed to creating value in the broader sense, balanced between social, environmental and financial impacts creates an energizing environment for innovation and inspiring possibilities.

But the reality is that we also have to be practical and somewhat prudent in the challenging economic climate of today so some of those great ideas might not have had a chance to surface or fully develop. So I thought it would be enlightening to broaden the dialogue to our community of enthusiastic product and brand fans.

So here is my first of many Questions of the Month…

What is your favorite aspect of our company and what should be our top priority for improvement?

I will respond and comment on submissions to provide a window into our efforts to address your suggestions. I look forward to your thoughts.


Words by Gordon Seabury.