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No Logo?

— By: The Team at Nau

Given traditional marketing conventions it could be argued that the most radical decision we’ve made at Nau was to eschew putting an external logo on our product. The idea was first put forward by Mark and Peter. They championed it from a product design point of view.

Our rationale (yes, it quickly became our rationale) was threefold:

1) If over time we applied a strong design point of view consistently across the entire product line, people would begin to recognize the product as Nau product.
2) Our audience (not to mention ourselves) were sick and tired of being somebody else’s billboard. The world is littered with logo’s. Besides, clothing is a personal expression of the wearer’s identity, not some detached entity that happened to make the product.
3) We wanted to invite dialogue and conversation. The idea was that if I saw you wearing an interesting piece of clothing and it didn’t carry a logo, chances are it would spark a meaningful

Our collective feeling is that our approach and philosophy is the right one for Nau. People have asked us if we’ve reconsidered it along the way. The answer is no. Based on feedback we’ve received, our conviction is strong that it was the right path for us to pursue.

So, how about the idea of renting out your eyelids as an advertising space? That’s right, your eyelids. Feelunique is offering you 10 pence per wink in exchange for displaying the company’s logo on your eyelid space. If you sign up you’ll get 10 pence per wink up to a total of 100 per model. I assume it must have been successful because applications are now closed.