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The Road to Relaunch: Part 2- Back to the Factories

— By: The Team at Nau

Rebuilding the relationships with our key vendors, contractors and partners for change is now our highest priority. The first order of business will be to identify all the assets that were in various stages of development when we closed our doors. Assets that were built, but not yet paid for. Rather than starting from scratch, we’re hoping to purchase some of that work in progress. Not all of it, because we’re a much smaller Nau, but a selection of products that will continue to reflect our design philosophy, like the Modus Jacket above. Starting at the top of the product development food chain, we’re focusing on raw materials and sewn garments. Jamie, Andrew, Jolie and Gordon are heading to Asia over the next two weeks to meet with our factories and fabric suppliers, hoping to get back on their production calendars. While there, they will engage in a series of conversations about where things stand, introducing the new team and determining what support might be available to us at this late date.
Next stop- Creative assets. We’ll be meeting with the partners involved with the images, copy and graphics that comprise our look and feel.Picture 11.png


Words by Hal Arneson.