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The Road to Relaunch: Part 1- The Family Toad

— By: The Team at Nau

toad-faces.jpgAs we transition from Nau 1.0 to Nau 2.0, there are a number of milestone events that are critical to achieving our goal of being back on our feet by October.
The first step in this process was the search for a partner interested in purchasing the remaining assets of the company, and willing to invest in the future of the brand.

Enter Horny Toad. We spoke about them briefly on our homepage, but it bears additional mention here. When we went looking for help in keeping this thing going, we started by looking at companies who understood our business, and were equipped to take on the financial challenges of getting us back up and running. We found so much more than fiscal stability though, when we entered into a partnership with the Toads. They are a great group of like-minded individuals who believe deeply in doing the right thing, and are having a helluva lot of fun doing it.

We’ll keep our separate identities, but will be sharing some back end functions, like finance and HR and that sort of thing. Best of all, we get to play in the same sandbox- the Lizard Lounge here in the Pearl, will be the retail venue for Nau, Horny Toad and several other alternative/outdoor brands.

We’re psyched to be part of the family.


Words by Hal Arneson.