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A Word From Our Sponsor: Nau Open

— By: The Team at Nau

nauopen_1.jpgI always wake up early in the mountains. Whether in a tent, a cabin or a condo, there’s something about the promise of the coming day that sets my synapses to firing. I roll over, and through the mesh or glass, watch the light play on stones, on snow. I love these moments of possibility, when the as-yet unformed day lies open to be imagined.

I woke up early this morning too, to the gray light of a Portland dawn. After a few weeks of winter rain, the skies cleared this weekend: an auspicious backdrop to the adventure we’re launching on here today. It’s an exciting moment, when you shake off the covers and begin something you’ve planned for months ” for years. And while what lies in store today isn’t quite a bluebird powder day, it’s pretty cool.

So check it out. Nau is open for business.


Words by Alex Hamlin.