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Nau Takes NYC By Bike

Photo: Lavish Livez Instagram

To commemorate bike month, we took a small group of friends on a curated bike tour from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Each stop along the way brought to life our unique perspective on sustainability, craftsmanship and the modern, mobile lifestyle. Here’s a quick glimpse into our pedal-perfect day.

Getting Oufitted
We started at HUB in the West Village where we were each fit with our custom Dutch-inspired Brooklyn Cruisers. While the week’s sunny weather had taken a turn, it only added to the spirit of the tour. Most of us simply put on an extra layer with a Dose Jacket or Motil Trench, and we were on our way.

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A View From In Here

Posted by Leigh | May 17th, 2012 | Filed under Here/Nau/NYC, Positive Change

Matthias Hollwich, co-founder of Hollwich Kushner (HWKN), a NYC-based architecture and concept design firm—at TEDXEast.

“Creativity is exhaustion, and one idea beyond that;” this is how globally renowned architect Matthias Hollwich closed his 2012 TedXEast (TED NYC) talk.  Matthias’ speech was focused on sharing his team’s exhaustive creative process in coming up with the perfect architectural concept for the Moma PS1 Young Architectural International Program. At Nau, we understand this. Taking an unconventional and unexpected approach to business and product design can be exhausting, but always worth it.

TEDxEast is one of the 800+ independently organized TED events. Ranked as one of the top five independent events globally, NYC Ted 2012 did not disappoint. At Nau, we’ve always admired the innovative thinking and influential speakers that these top tier events attract. And this past year we were given the opportunity to began supporting TED Long Beach and now TEDxEast through creative sponsorships.

The event theme of this year’s TedXEast was “A View from In Here,” and through four sessions (the Right Brain, the Left Brian, From the Inside Out, and Reframe), 30 speakers were given 18 minutes to give the most important talk of their life. Our lovely host, Julianne Wurm, referred to the day as being “an emotional journey.” And she was right. One of Nau’s fundamental beliefs has been to use business as a force for positive change – it was inspiring to see how many of these speakers are also using business, science, medicine or theatre to make this type of impact.

NYC has the power to draw fantastic individuals, with speakers coming from around the world.  Some standouts included Maya Lin (artist and architect), Dr. Pasi Sahlberg (global school improvement activist), Dr. Colin Campbell (40+ years of being on the forefront of nutrition research and links to cancer), Matthias Hollwich (architect), and Cassandra Lin (13 year old entrepreneur who founded project TGIF – turning grease into fuel), among many many others.

TedXEast talks can be viewed here. We hope you enjoy as much as we did.

You’re invited: Party in New York

Posted by Alex | November 10th, 2010 | Filed under Design, Here/Nau/NYC, Nau Events


It’s a party, y’all. Come on by.

November Winner’s Circle

Posted by Alex | November 9th, 2010 | Filed under Art, Here/Nau/NYC, Personal Reflection

journalingCollective Snapshot

The results are in, and this month’s winner of Collective Snapshot is Jessica Helvey, whose quiet pic of tea and journaling in Iceland captures the quiet pleasures of late fall—whether in the Pacific Northwest or North Atlantic—when the rain returns and forces us inside:

“We traveled to iceland last year and could not do without tea and the nau down shirts….perfection! 120 film, and very out of focus, it was too early in the morning…excuses excuses.”

No excuses neccessary, Jessica. For sharing our favorite pic this month, Jessica wins a new Down Vest, plus a mounted print of her image from our friends at Plywerk. Didn’t win but still want to mount your image on a beautiful eco-conscious bamboo or maple panel? Check out Plywerk’s website at www.plywerk.com to upload and order, or buy blank panels and D.I.Y. Of course, you can always enter another image for a shot to win by emailing a pic of you or a friend to share@nau.com.

One Of Us

As for our Monthly Trivia, in October we asked you: Nau’s new pop-up shop in New York is on Howard at the end of which other street?

This month’s winner? Shelly Zimmer, who we selected at random from all the people who correctly answered Crosby Street. For her geographic savy, Shelly wins a Down Vest, perfect for keeping warm on the wind-swept cobbles of Soho.

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Nau Popping Up In NYC

Posted by Alex | October 12th, 2010 | Filed under Here/Nau/NYC, Nau Events, Partnerships

Picture-5We’re excited to announce that this Friday, October 15th, Nau will once again open the doors to a pop-up shop in New York City. Following on the success of last year’s pop-up—designed by Jean-Pierre Veillet and with appearances by 2009 G4C winners Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele, Har Mar Superstar, Zee Avi and Will Dailey, among others—we’re coming back for another holiday season.

This year, you’ll find us at 25 Howard St in Soho, sharing space with our friends at Dunderdon. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden—and with an an office in hometown of Portland, Oregon—Dunderdon shares with Nau a focus on understated design, performance outerwear and modern fashion. We’re look forward to being in New York with them.

In the meantime, we’re planning a full calendar of events, parties and performances, so if you’ll be in New York this holiday season be sure to stop in—for the latest developments, check back here in the coming weeks for event listings. In the meantime, we hope to see you at 25 Howard Street—at the intersection of Howard and Crosby, between Broadway and Lafayette—starting this Friday.

friends and friends of friends (with bikes)

Posted by Eugénie | December 1st, 2009 | Filed under Here/Nau/NYC


Unlike our dear sweet Peter, who unequivocally hearts it, I wrestle with New York.

I’m no country bumpkin, but still, the place overwhelms me. The people, the concrete, the noise, the haste. I don’t hate it, but it does make me weak in the knees, and not in a love way. More of a swaying-side-to-side-with-dizziness-as-the-world-swirls-around-me sort of way.

This is why it’s good to have friends.

Especially friends I can email with such random requests as, “Hey, do you know anyone in New York who could help me build a Christmas-tree-ish window display out of bike parts?” And who can write me back in less than a day with not only a,“Yes, totally,” but also a, “While you’re out there, do you think you’ll need a bike to ride?”

Which is how I met the crew at NYC Velo. Charged with the mission to pull together a new window display for here/nau/nyc that touched on alternative ways to move through the city, I arrived in NY with the name and number of one lone bike-enthused guy: Mike.

Mike introduced me to Andrew, owner of NYC Velo, and Andrew introduced me to Justin, one of his employees who held a special affinity for installing bikes in unorthodox, gravity-defying ways. Collectively these guys evolved my zoo-bomb inspired vision of a holiday heap of bikes into a much more elegant display using their own, personal frames (Surly’s, IF’s, and Civia’s among them), all swirling around our front window like a band of wild horses.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the crew at NYC Velo also turned me on to my two new favorite things to do in their fair city: 1) ride a Kona humuhumunukunukuapua with monster knobby tires through the narrow streets and sprawling boulevards, fearlessly dominating the cobblestone of Soho and the potholes of everywhere else, and 2) riding straight to the best americano the city has to offer, at the hole-in-the-wall café in the East Village, Abraço Espresso.

Thanks to my friends, and my friends of friends with bikes, I’ve seen New York in an entirely new light. Less about its world swirling around a static me, and more about me – on a bike – swirling around it. It’s fun. You should try it.

And if you’re in New York, you can see NYC Velo’s fine work in our window ‘til December 13th. You’ll also find more pics of the display here.

(photo courtesy NYC Velo)


Posted by Josie | November 20th, 2009 | Filed under Here/Nau/NYC, Uncategorized

Har Mar Superstar played at an event in our SoHo store on Tuesday. Wednesday morning the emails and photo’s started pouring in from the crew in NYC about the party from the night before.  He played again last night and  I’m hoping he kept it PG-13 for our customers sake. Check this guy out:





The Design Eye in NYC

Posted by Peter | November 18th, 2009 | Filed under Here/Nau/NYC


The day starts and you look to the window and determine what type of outfit you will need for the day, and what after work activities you are going to blend into once that time clock is shut off.

I have one outfit to protect me from the elements and keep me comfortable on my subway commute, and make me feel confidant, and  stylish after the work day comes to a halt.  Whilst in NY the temperature was unseasonably warm (mid to high 60′s ) and on and off rain.

I chose my outfit as follows; Mens Riding jacket,
M-2  stripe crew, organic cotton tee as an underlayer, Italian wool 2 tone scarf,  Slim  caviar wash denim and my leather side zip low boots. The perfect setup to conquer my NY day into night and protect me from the elements.

Did I mention I HEART NYC?

Now I go and conquer the new snow load distributed on Mt Hood.  Did I mention I HEART PDX!

The Big Day

Posted by Gordon | November 12th, 2009 | Filed under Here/Nau/NYC


As big as any so far…we’re officially opening our doors to New York City for 50 days of interaction, experience and education.

At Tuesday night’s private media opening, it was hard to tell which impressed the crowd more: the store aesthetic, the energetic vibe, or the Nau product itself.  The one thing that was clear – beyond the genuine enthusiasm of what we created and what was about to unfold in the coming 50 days – was that no one believed the space had been built in only 10 days, and that it was intended to be a temporary installation.

My favorite comment from the night: “You have to stay”.

Even our musical guests, Zee Avi and Will Dailey, had to outfit their bands in Nau for their upcoming tours before leaving, and they’ll now be making a stop to play Lizard Lounge the next time they pass through Portland.

Today we unveil our project to the public.  With the help of Secret Machines on stage tonight, the photography of our Grantees for Change Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele, and the support of a tremendous number of partners here in NYC and back in Portland, here/nau/nyc finally (officially) arrives.  We won’t be staying this time around, so make sure you come see us during the next two months if you find yourself within striking distance of 69 Mercer Street in Soho. Keep a close watch on the ever evolving calendar of events as we weave through the beauty, performance and sustainability themes with a dynamic list of community events, activities and charitable partnerships.

We look forward to seeing you there, and staying connected through Facebook and Twitter. And, whichever way you visit, we’d love to know what you think.