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Snow Peak x Nau: Q&A with Peter and Carma

Posted by Alison Wu | September 16th, 2014 | Filed under Design, Partnerships, Photography, Travel, Who We Are


This week, designers Peter Kallen and Carma Ferrier reveal their favorite pieces from the recent Snow Peak x Nau fall collaboration and give us some insight into the inspiration behind the capsule collection. Check out the entire Snow Peak x Nau collection, here.


How did the collaboration with Snow Peak come about? 

We had been following their brand and the product that they had been making over the years. We are big fans of the brand and its aesthetic, sensibility and attention to detail. We’ve always been attracted to the way they reference classic camping and outdoor gear, but done with better materials and with a more refined and minimized approach. When they opened their North American headquarters here in Portland, a conversation started, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share design sensibilities from different platforms. It just seemed like a natural collaboration.

How did you approach the blending of both brands into the collection?

It was actually pretty seamless because of our aesthetics and how refined both of the brands are, so bringing them together was just natural. It felt really effortless. In the early conversations when we were sharing concepts, everyone was on the same page right from the beginning. We saw it as a new opportunity to explore this blurry genre of fewer things doing more – breaking down the barriers of what is expected around a campsite. Asking the question, “What are the essentials?”


What other things inspired the collection? 

The sense of interaction with the garment is one of the biggest cues that informs new design for us. Fabrics, always. Cuts, old references to Japanese heritage, but making them modern and applicable to life today. Versatility, always having the right piece for layering. A reductionist, minimalist approach, so you end up with an item that is just perfect for what you need.

What are your favorite pieces in the collection?

Carma: The Felt Up Jacket. It’s like wearing an old leather jacket. It will shape to your body and your elbows. It’s the most high quality wool. You can have this piece for the rest of your life.

Peter: The Hokkaido Blazer. It is 3-layer technology done in a more familiar, blazer silhouette. It has waterproof zippers, access zip portals that get into inside pockets whether it be on the Checkmate Shirt or the Felt Over Sweater. I love how the pieces interact together.


What are the most interesting design features?

We love how the pieces layer together, how the dimensions work with each other. The portal pockets on the men’s pieces. With the women’s pieces, there are some really cool forms, dimensions and scale that you can play around with. The hood on the Kimono Trench and the collar on the Butterfly Dress. The mix of fabrics, too. We love how everything can work in the outdoors as well as an urban setting.

Why did you choose the three hardgoods (spork, chopsticks and wine tumbler) to be the essentials?

These pieces really represent the mobile, minimalist approach to what you might have at a campsite, or if you go for a picnic at the bluffs. You could take them anywhere – surfing, hiking, friend’s house, your own backyard.


If the collection had a motto, what would it be?

Less is more.


Snow Peak x Nau – Fall ’14 Collaboration

Posted by Alison Wu | September 10th, 2014 | Filed under Design, Partnerships, Photography, Travel


Introducing our exclusive fall collaboration with Snow Peak – Japanese maker of fine outdoor goods. This capsule collection blends the best of two distinct cultures – Japanese time-honored craftsmanship and American invocation. Together, we bring you a line of urban performance apparel and lifestyle essentials designed to travel with you. Modern, refined and focused on versatility. Shop the men’s collection, here, and the women’s collection, here.





P.S. Co. x Nau Makers Series: LunaSol

Posted by Alison Wu | September 8th, 2014 | Filed under Design, Partnerships, Photography


Lindsey Alonzo, the Portland-based jewelry designer behind LunaSol, sat down with the ladies of the Portland Supply Co. for the third installment of our Makers Series. Inspired by the textures and colors of jewelry from around the world, Lindsey incorporates detailed metal work with a handcrafted aesthetic. Lindsey’s adventurous spirit and passion for global culture are evident in her line of jewelry. P.S. Co. caught up with Lindsey at her favorite Portland institutions, including one of our favorites -¿Por Que No?, to find out the 5 things she can’t live without, why she believes style and function go hand-in-hand and where she goes to get away from it all. Check out her answers, here, shop LunaSol, here and check out Lindsey’s favorite Nau pieces, here.




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Staff Picks: Women’s Fall ’14

Posted by Alison Wu | September 4th, 2014 | Filed under Design, Photography, Who We Are

Epiphany wearing the Twisted Short Sleeve Shirt and Lapiz Skirt.

Epiphany – Customer Care

Favorite piece from the Fall 2014 collection?  Twisted Short Sleeve Shirt

Why is it your favorite?  The cut and draping of this shirt are amazing! The fabric feels luxurious and looks beautiful dressed up or down, and can be easily worn with skirts, shorts, or pants – even tucked into the high-waisted Lapiz Skirt.

Where would you wear this piece, and what would you be doing?  I would wear this piece pretty much anywhere! The loose fit would make it ideal for early fall bike rides to the river or warm evening concerts in the park.


Model, Annie, wearing the Felt Up Jacket and Tech-Nique Dress

Susan – Tech Designer

Favorite piece from the Fall 2014 collection?  Felt Up Jacket

Why is it your favorite?  I love the versatility in styling – from casual to chic.

Where would you wear this piece, and what would you be doing?  Worn with jeans and a long tee for happy hour with the girls, or pair it with the Repose Slitdress for an evening date.


Bry wearing the Randygoat Hoody.

Bry - Wholesale Sales and Marketing

Favorite piece from the Fall 2014 collection?  Randygoat Hoody

Why is it your favorite?  I love the extra length on this hoody combined with the super soft micro fleece on the inside. 

Where would you wear this piece, and what would you be doing?  It’s such a versatile piece that I see pairing with leggings on a cold night around the house, or using it as the perfect base layer for a day on the mountain. All three colors in my closet now, please!


Model wearing the Twisted Shirt Dress.

Allison – Creative Director

Favorite piece from the Fall 2014 collection?  Twisted Shirt Dress

Why is it your favorite?  Modern minimalism with pockets.

Where would you wear this piece, and what would you be doing?  Definitely riding my bike, and probably screen printing, too (not while on bike).

Early Fall ’14: Versatility Defined

Posted by Alison Wu | August 20th, 2014 | Filed under Design, Photography, Sustainability, Who We Are


Introducing the first of our Fall 2014 collection. Versatility defined: Clean, intuitive silhouettes that easily navigate the elements, urban or otherwise, without compromising style and sophistication. A line of apparel designed to travel with you. Crafted from organic cotton, Merino wool, recycled polyester, TENCEL® and other premium sustainable fabrics, this collection features blazers, shirts, dresses, and pants that are built to thrive in whatever your environment. Check out the men’s collection, here, and the women’s collection, here. Over the next several weeks, we will be introducing more of the Fall ’14 collection, so be sure to keep checking back as we start to roll out our colder weather styles including down and Cocona insulated trenches and jackets.







Sneak Peek: Fall 2014 Collection

Posted by Alison Wu | August 5th, 2014 | Filed under Design, Photography, Sustainability, Who We Are

Our Fall 2014 collection draws inspiration from our travels and experiences in our surroundings. A study of the comparisons and contradictions between the man-made and natural worlds influenced our designs. We looked at the weather conditions they each present, the body motions they both require and our need to be protected from some of their exposure. With all of this in mind, we designed a collection that continues to define modern urban and outdoor apparel. From weekdays at the office to happy hour with friends to weekends adventuring on the coast and in the desert, this collection offers the versatility and durability required for an active, mobile lifestyle without sacrificing sophistication and impeccable tailoring.

Take a peek at our Fall 2014 collection. Sign up for our newsletter to learn when these styles and more are available.








P.S. Co. x Nau Makers Series: Kiriko

Posted by Alison Wu | June 26th, 2014 | Filed under Design, Partnerships, Photography

Dawn Yanagihara in the Kiriko studio.

We’re teaming up with Portland Supply Co. to feature a local Portland creative each month this summer through the P.S. Co. x Nau Makers Series. This collaboration aims to highlight the work of a Portland maker while gaining insight into their inspirations and what they love. First up: Dawn Yanagihara of Kiriko.

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Portland Supply Co. Studio Visit

Posted by Alison Wu | May 28th, 2014 | Filed under Art, Design, Photography, Uncategorized, Who We Are


The Portland Supply Co. stopped by our NE Portland headquarters a few weeks ago to check out our studio space, see some of our new designs and chat with our designers, Peter and Carma. P.S. Co. launched in November of 2013 with the aim of connecting the Portland creative community with the larger global community. The blog features Portland makers, designers and artists showcasing their studios and creative processes. Through careful curation, the blog intends to create an insider’s guide to the aesthetic and culture of Portland. The 2 women behind the blog interviewed Peter, our men’s designer, to gain some insight into the inspiration behind the brand as well as why Portland is the perfect place for Nau to call home. Check out the blog post, here.

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The Escape Collective: Exploring the Other Side of Ordinary

Posted by leighann | January 15th, 2014 | Filed under Art, Design, Travel


Four friends. Four days. No limits. What would you create? That’s what a group of friends had in mind when they set out to build a Geodesic dome. Two months later, their passion-fueled venture landed them a coveted spot at Summit, a Davos-meets-Ted conference for young thought leaders. Self-named the Escape Collective, this fledging group of makers, creators and designers are our third portrait in the Uncommoners—our blog series dedicated to exploring the other side of ordinary.

But this isn’t a story about how to build a 30-foot, low-frequency geodesic dome or how to sew a massive waterproof cover composed of 256 panels of unused material from Nike golf bags (yes, that did happen). This isn’t even a story about the Escape Collective and the other 800-or-so entrepreneurs, artists and leaders they joined at Summit’s newly acquired Powder Mountain Resort last July. No. This is a story about freedom, creativity, and the ideas born out of unencumbered space and time. Because as Einstein once said, “Creativity is the residue of time wasted.” And in a world punctuated by deadlines and deliverables, no one embraces this lost maxim more than The Escape Collective.

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Behind the Scenes with Emancipator on his latest video, Minor Cause

Posted by Alison Wu | December 5th, 2013 | Filed under Design, Music, Photography

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vimeo Direkt

Portland-based music producer, Douglas Appling, better known as Emancipator, enlisted the help of one of our favorite photographers, Ben Moon to direct his recent music video, Minor Cause. Shot on the Oregon Coast, the video uses natural imagery in an abstract way to capture the dreamy, ethereal feeling of Emancipator’s music. The stunning aerial shots were captured using a Sony FS700 which shoots at 240 frames per second. The highspeed camera was attached to an eight-bladed “octocopter,” allowing the story to be told from many perspectives. A collaboration of creative minds, the blend of melodic electronic sounds with breathtaking visuals certainly caught our attention  Check out the video, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Minor Cause.

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vimeo Direkt