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Rick Albano

Weekend Wisdom

Posted by Rick | June 17th, 2011 | Filed under Design, Who We Are




A few quotes we stumbled upon—or should we say tumbled upon—on our Tumblr travels this week. Lovely words to live by. Have a nice weekend!

The Camera Steals the Soul, Part 2: Surf in Cinema

Posted by Rick | June 13th, 2011 | Filed under Art, Who We Are

Well, it’s about time we picked this theme back up again: Hollywood’s ability to suck the stoke out of a sport by making a cheesy movie about it. When we first conceived this idea for a blog series, it was winter (a few years ago) and we focused on skiing. Now that summer is almost here and the beaches are filling up again with weekend warriors, it seems like the right time to tackle the surf movie genre.

We picked the first movies that came to mind (we’re sure a few are missing), and the hardest part was determining if the flick was actually good or bad—or so bad it was good. So we came up categories that leave room for interpretation. Click on each title for a totally radical clip!

Beach Blanket Bingo
Ride the Wild Surf
Point Break
Blue Crush
Blue Crush 2
Blue Juice
In God’s Hands
Surfer, Dude

Surf Nazi’s Must Die
Surf’s Up
The North Shore
Big Wednesday

What are we missing? Let us know in the comments below!


Posted by Rick | June 10th, 2011 | Filed under Bikes, Outdoor Sport

In New York City, a cyclist got a ticket for riding outside of the bike lane and decided to make a movie showing why it’s often necessary to do so. He was fined $50 for his infraction and he really, really wants his money back, so much so that he decided to smash into anything blocking the bike lane to prove his point. This guy has got to be a stuntman because there is no way that anybody in their right mind would pull these kinds of shenanigans without wearing a helmet.

As a side-note, according to the video, it’s not even illegal to ride outside the bike lane anyway. Did he prove his point or simply trash his body and beach cruiser for internet views?

Weigh in!


Posted by Rick | June 8th, 2011 | Filed under Compassionate Capitalism, Positive Change, Sustainability

Screen shot 2011-06-08 at 4.07.58 PM

Toms revealed their new One for One™ product yesterday: Sunglasses. We’ve always been big supporters of the Toms mission and the aesthetic of their simple shoes, so the idea of buying a pair of shades and helping a person with a vision disability sounds great to us. The models are as versatile and classic as the footwear line, and we really love the simple brand identifier on the arm of the glasses—painted lines, which almost bring to mind resin-dip paint jobs on surfboards. The design, according to company founder Blake Mycoskie, will remind the wearer that she has help a person in need to be able to see. Our favorite pair is the Classic 101, shown above.

Well done, Toms!

Music Monday Mix: We’re Down With OPP

Posted by Rick | May 31st, 2011 | Filed under Music

Other People’s Poetry, that is—an online mixtape series on the Yours Truly music website. The concept is pretty simple, ask indie artists to make compilations of their favorite songs for a person and have them hand-write a note to go along with it. All them are worth a listen (there are a lot) but lately we’ve been jamming to the mix that Princeton’s Matt Kivel made for actress Amanda Seyfried, who he seems heavily crushed out on, judging by his note below.


Aren’t all the best mixtapes born of unrequited love? Check it and download it, using the little arrow on the side of the player, below.

- Teengirl Fantasy: Cheaters
- Hercules & Love Affair: My House
- Princeton: To The Alps
- Iggy Pop: Success
- MGMT: Siberian Breaks (Ed Banger All Stars Remix)
- Actress: The Kettle Men
- Oneohtrix Point Never: Stress
- Laurie Anderson: Falling
- Mayo Thompson: Fortune
- Symphony of Science: The Poetry of Reality

Phase II Mixtape by Princeton

WANT: Re-Cycled Clock

Posted by Rick | May 26th, 2011 | Filed under Art, Bikes, Design


This clock we found on Etsy is absolutely perfect. Elegant, modern, and understated, it’s one of those simple things that makes you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This is probably the best use of bike parts for home decor since Picasso put together some handlebars and a bike seat and made his famous bull’s head.

This particular one seems to be sold, but browse through Pixelthis‘ other recycled items (the bike crank clocks are also pretty nice) and there’s a good chance you’ll find something that will make counting the minutes until your next ride a little easier.

Music Monday Mix: Lucky Lucky (A YVYNYL MIXTAPE)

Posted by Rick | May 23rd, 2011 | Filed under Music


If getting one great song on a #MusicMonday is awesome, then getting 22 is way awesomer. And pretty lucky too. We found this great mix of new music on the Yvynyl Tumblr and proceeded to download it and put it on repeat. There’s a little something for everyone on here, from The Weeknd’s sexy mystery soul to some surfy summertime jams via Big Wave Riders and the Eternal Summers. Really, you can’t go wrong. Just make sure that after discovering these great bands, you buy more of their music and check out their live shows.


The Neighborhood – I Won’t Get You Down
The Weeknd – House of Balloons > Glass Table Girls
Joywave – Winnipeg
Black Books – The Big Idea
Snowmine – Beast in Air, Beast in Water
Family Portrait – Other Side
Triptides – Shadows
Jeremy Lee Given – Arapaima
Eternal Summers – Prisoner
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Thought Ballune
Slowdance – Sweetness
Oregon Bike Trails – High School Lover
COOLRUNNINGS – Dracula is only the Beginning
John Maus – Believer
Collage Party – Eri
The Sandwitches – Summer of Love
Quilt – Children of the Light
Lotus Feet – Evidence
Big Wave Riders – Skater or Die
BeachesBeaches – OOAH
Die Jungen – In the End
The Dogs – We Don’t Have to do Anything


Music Monday Mix: If I Stay Too Long It’s Cuz I Love You

Posted by Rick | May 16th, 2011 | Filed under Art, Music


Leisure Package is a website curated by Portland-based creatives Tom O’Toole and Ada Mayer. We follow them, and also Tom’s awesome Tumblr blog, Weirdo Vibing. Yes, these are places of great inspiration. It’s always nice when creative people take the time to share their favorite songs and even nicer when they package up their favorite tracks as a mix and make it available for download, complete with artwork. This compilation has a great mood throughout, bouncing from decade to decade without skipping a beat, from the opening VU classic to Flying Lotus to Patti Smith. It’s the kind of song collection that makes you think about the open road and maybe even plan a long drive simply to give the audio a worthy visual accompaniment.


Salvaged Timber Tap Handles? We’ll Drink to That.

Posted by Rick | May 13th, 2011 | Filed under Design, Personal Reflection, Sustainability

We’re finally getting a few sunny days in Portland. It’s Friday afternoon and our minds are drifting to post-work brews somewhere outside. And—wouldn’tcha know it?—we stumbled across a video that validates our decision to enjoy one of our favorite local beers. It turns out that Windmer Brothers is making wooden beer taps out of local salvaged trees. Not only is the video of the process mesmerizing, but it’s also a small symbol of a big company’s efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Is it happy hour yet?

Prêt à Porteur

Posted by Rick | May 9th, 2011 | Filed under Bikes, Personal Reflection

43rd and Sandy

I’m kind of obsessed with porteur bicycles, simply because they are so damned beautiful in their simplicity. Though variations of this style of bike have been used around the world for transporting goods on the flat rack over the front wheel, Parisian newspaper couriers owned these utilitarian rides in the mid 1900s, the Porteurs des Journaux.

This obsession, along with the need for a commuter bike, resulted in my buying a plug-and-play version of a porteur last year—a basic Linus Roadster with a Velo Orange Porteur rack. The bike has served me well for the last year on my 10-mile daily commute. I just strap my laptop to the rack and go, no need for a sweaty backpack or unbalanced panniers hanging over the back tire.

But recently I have become interested in the modified, motley porteurs I see around Portland that are jimmy-rigged from old bike frames and clunky racks, and the one above is my favorite of that style. I first saw it parked in front of Whole Foods on Sandy and 43rd and I had to drive around the block to get a second look (and to snap this drive-by photo). I love its garish colors, hot pink heavy-duty rack and mismatched rims, not to mention the green seat and pink break lines. It’s a complete 180 from the precious porteurs I had been fetishizing before—those hand-made versions that take years to actually get underneath you (and to pay for).

A month or two later, I saw the bike again. It was being pedaled down Sandy Blvd. by a guy in lime green coveralls. I think he had dreadlocks. He may have been wearing a pink hard hat. Anyway, we’ve been doing series of posts here called “This Is My Bike” for a while now, and what I loved about that was how it showed how bikes can be a reflection of the rider—in the same way a dog and its master strangely resemble one another. This was one of the most overt expressions of that. It reminded me that we need to resurrect our TIMB posts. And that I should have been on my bike next to him instead of in my car.