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Peter Kallen

Under Perfect Conditions: The New Spring Line

Posted by Peter | February 7th, 2012 | Filed under Design, Nau Events, Who We Are


We spent a lot of yesterdays in the studio and in the natural world creating images with our friends to unveil the SPRING 2012 season. It all started at the Oregon Coast—rugged, dynamic, textural. The conditions were perfect: sunny, foggy, and magical with great surf, perfect light, friends, and, of course, the lens.

Mornings started early (at the crack of first light). Six a.m. on day one followed by 7:30 a.m. on day two and three (once we got a hold of what the light would bring). The days were packed with back-to-back locations from beachside to coast range and staged to set the perfect backdrop for our new styles. The evenings were spent reviewing the day’s shots and sharing great homemade food, conversation, local wine and local whiskey (for those who chose to indulge).

In the studio shoot we wanted to bring to life the simple, dynamic presence of each style.

We used part of the same crew from the beach shoot plus Nathan and Mackenzie, our other Nau extended family members. A beautiful contrast to the beach shoot, we captured the simple forms of each style and their graceful presence.

Hope you enjoy the fruits of our efforts.

You can see the behind-the-scenes takes from these shoots here.


Photo by Ben Moon


Photo by Ben Moon


Photo by Ben Moon



Photo by Ben Moon



Photo by Ben Moon


Photo by Ben Moon

The Design Eye in NYC

Posted by Peter | November 18th, 2009 | Filed under Here/Nau/NYC


The day starts and you look to the window and determine what type of outfit you will need for the day, and what after work activities you are going to blend into once that time clock is shut off.

I have one outfit to protect me from the elements and keep me comfortable on my subway commute, and make me feel confidant, and  stylish after the work day comes to a halt.  Whilst in NY the temperature was unseasonably warm (mid to high 60′s ) and on and off rain.

I chose my outfit as follows; Mens Riding jacket,
M-2  stripe crew, organic cotton tee as an underlayer, Italian wool 2 tone scarf,  Slim  caviar wash denim and my leather side zip low boots. The perfect setup to conquer my NY day into night and protect me from the elements.

Did I mention I HEART NYC?

Now I go and conquer the new snow load distributed on Mt Hood.  Did I mention I HEART PDX!

I spy from the design eye ….#1……

Posted by Peter | July 16th, 2009 | Filed under Uncategorized

Well it’s my first blog writing EVER and I have to admit I am a bit nervous sharing in word form how the designs for Nau come to life, but I guess there’s no time like the present, and who knows, I might just become a prolific writer that can’t shut up about all my thoughts.  We’ll see about that….. but for now, and for Nau….. I wanted to share a bit of my perspective on Nau’s design as it unfolds each season, and in particular, the spring 2011 season I am starting.

peterWhat does “starting” mean you ask?  Well… in my role as Design Director, it means… gathering my thoughts by spending time in the outdoors,  hiking, climbing, skateboarding, sketching,  going to galleries, listening to music, biking , sewing , digging in the garden, basically , just sopping up life around me with all my senses.  This is the flavor I try to put into the designs we have at Nau, they reflect the life around us, and the quest to move seamlessly and comfortably throughout ones day.

For example, the other day while riding my bike to work I found myself lost in design thought.(this happens every time I ride) This form of transportation creates a beautiful lens to view design from, and creates a great platform for inspiration; a more comfortable sleeve, that just right pocket, a hood or no hood, what about the collar…… I become lost in function, and the texture of the city around me. Recently, this led to an amazing woman’s skirt for spring, and I had to stop and sketch it out………. I’ll keep you posted on its development, and all the things that influence our design.   Cheers,………