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Libby Smith

Hands Across the Sand

Posted by Libby | July 1st, 2010 | Filed under Environmental Change

Hands Across the Sand

I have been an activist my whole life. Working at Nau is a dream come true because I truly feel like I am making a difference every day. The oil spill has really taken a toll on me and a lot of people around me. I have never felt so helpless. No amount of money or aid will even come close to fixing this. It has been incredibly difficult to stand by as this disaster unfolds.

Last weekend I decided to stop feeling helpless and take part in a ‘Hands Across the Sand’ event on the Oregon coast. There were more than 800 grassroots ‘Hands Across the Sand’ events that took place in communities across the country and around the world. I decided to go to my most favorite beach…..Short Sands. I joined hands with activists, surfers, children, and grandmothers and formed a symbolic line across the beach. The message was simple and powerful. No to offshore drilling, yes to clean energy. As we stood there hand in hand I couldn’t help but look into the waves and contemplate what it would be like for an oil spill to happen on this beach. How heartbreaking it would be.