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Nau Takes NYC By Bike

Photo: Lavish Livez Instagram

To commemorate bike month, we took a small group of friends on a curated bike tour from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Each stop along the way brought to life our unique perspective on sustainability, craftsmanship and the modern, mobile lifestyle. Here’s a quick glimpse into our pedal-perfect day.

Getting Oufitted
We started at HUB in the West Village where we were each fit with our custom Dutch-inspired Brooklyn Cruisers. While the week’s sunny weather had taken a turn, it only added to the spirit of the tour. Most of us simply put on an extra layer with a Dose Jacket or Motil Trench, and we were on our way.

While most of the indigo used today is synthetic, we sought out its natural alternative. It’s a highly complex process. But in short, chemicals are released during the fermentation of certain plant species, and when oxidized, turns a brilliant blue. Check out some of our indigo creations.

Creating crazy patterns
Photo: Lavish Livez

From Manhattan to Brooklyn via the Williamsburg Bridge

Bridge Crossing
Photo: Lavish Livez Instagram

Crossing the Williamsburg bridge into Brooklyn, we visited the Brooklyn Denim Co. where owner, Frank Pizzurro, gave us a special behind-the-scenes look at the workroom where each piece of denim is cut, sewn and formed into high-end fashion.

Photo: Lavish Livez Instagram

Time to relax. Next we arrived at to the urban garden and home of eco-activist and model, Summer Rayne Oakes. Summer has turned her Williamsburg home into a zen-like escape with over 220 plants and a living wall. We all had some homemade tea and heard from Caroline Samponaro from Transportation Alternatives who talked about the growth and importance of urban cycling and the recent launch of the highly anticipated Citi Bike Share program.

We concluded the day with happy hour and charcuterie at tørst, an international beer destination from acclaimed chefs Daniel Berns and Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso. The group was able to relax, enjoy conversation and reflect on the day’s events.

The day inspired us all to think about how easy it is to integrate biking into our everyday lives, even in one of the busiest cities in the world. Here’s a little extra inspiration to get you out and cycling in style this Bike Month.

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