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Archive for September, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Global City

Posted by bowen | September 17th, 2012 | Filed under Art, Who We Are

I feel comfortable speaking for everyone on this shoot when I say it was a pretty dreamy couple of days. It’s a rare circumstance when everyone collaborating on a photo project all know each other, professionally or personally, genuinely like each other, and love the product and places being shot.

From a lofty fourth floor of the The Good Mod surrounded by inspiring mid-century furniture, to an early morning on Swan Island overlooking Portland just as it was waking up — the general mood of the shoot was light and easy.

Our challenge was to find the hidden spots in Portland that resonate as parts of cities around the world. Luckily, I was just back from New York, our photographer, Ben Moon, was fresh off a plane from Amsterdam (jet lag to prove it), and our models Ryan and Sydney are both seasoned travelers. That said, our eyes were quick to find walls that reminded us of Berlin, park
scenes that reminded us of Paris, and street corners that looked just like Soho.

Despite being unseasonably warm and therefor a bit sweaty in Nau’s cozy fall collection, we were all excited to review the images and see the the trip we took together.


Postcard From Chamonix

Posted by Alex | September 17th, 2012 | Filed under Uncategorized

Shoulder-season weather gets a bad rap in a lot of mountain towns. There’s not enough snow to ski, but too much for bagging summits or climbing crags. Town empties out. The tourists leave, and so do most of the locals, packed off to beaches in Italy or Costa Rica for a bit of sun and surf before the real storms let fly.

But if you’re willing to put up with snow in your summer hiking shoes, there are rewards to be had on these three-season days. You leave the heat of summer behind in the valley, climb through autumn past ripening myrtille and tiny, tart framboise, up toward the bright white line of winter.

Moving up through the seasons in this way is a bit like experiencing a sped-up version of real life: like all changes, it rewards adaptability. The temperature might swing through sixty degrees; banks of cloud roll in, parting minutes (or days!) later; snow morphs from ornament to objective hazard. It’s messy and un-straightforward. You have to change your mind. So to enjoy it, a certain mental flexibility is required.

It’s good practice, though, experiencing change. It’s uncomfortable at first. You get attached to reaching such-and-such a summit, only to find that you’re knee deep in snow with cold feet and hundreds of meters left to climb. So you turn back, cross the col instead of the peak, and soon find yourself back among the berry bushes. It stops feeling like giving up, and starts feeling like something else: moving forward.

It’s still summer in Chamonix. But the occasional storms are drawing the snowline down like the tide. It’s an exciting taste of the winter that lies ahead. But I can wait. There are plenty of summits still to try for, and berries left if I have to turn around.