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Undammed: The End of the Condit

Posted by leighann | November 2nd, 2011 | Filed under Environmental Change, Positive Change, Sustainability

We love a good explosion every now and then, especially if it means creating a few dozen of miles of new habitat for spawning salmon and steelhead. That’s exactly what happened last week when a team of engineers blasted a giant hole in the century-old Condit Dam, sending a massive wall of water and sediment tumbling toward the Columbia River and carving out new life for the White Salmon River.

It was the third largest dam removal in the country, and our good friend and filmmaker Andy Maser was there doing what he does best— capturing a historic moment on film. He shot over eight hours of footage from multiple viewpoints and distilled it into two minutes of video and time-lapse photography.

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For Andy and anyone who loves to see nature triumph, the dam removal marked the end of an old way of thinking and the ushering in of something far better—a respect for the natural order of things (not to mention, a few dozen miles of new whitewater).

As Andy so aptly said, “We’ve reached a turning point. More dams are coming out in the US than going in. Dam removal is no longer a mark of failure, it is a mark of success. As a country, we were founded on new ideas and innovation, and we should feel proud that we have had the foresight and courage to set these rivers free.”

To see more of Andy’s work, head to Andymaser.com.

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