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Archive for February, 2011

Between the Threads: An Interview with Jamie

Posted by leighann | February 28th, 2011 | Filed under Design, Design Eye, Positive Change, Sustainability, Who We Are

This week our textile guru, Jamie Bainbridge reveals the ingredients to the ultimate  “fabric sandwich” and dives deep into the knitty gritty of dot matrix lamination. As our fabric goddess (part scientist, part artiste), she has had a hand in every style we make.  Prepare to get smart…

For Spring, we have a few new fabrics that we’re introducing, like in the Gust Wind Shirt….

Jamie Bainbridge: That’s a 2-ply woven fabric that is actually two separate fabrics that are woven together in spots. So it’s a like a two-layer sandwich of fabric that is 100% recycled polyester. It has a yarn-dyed plaid on one side and a yarn-dyed check on the other side.

What about the Wafer Pullover? It’s so incredibly lightweight.

The fabric for our men’s and women’s Wafer Pullover is a very fine gauge knit recycled poly. In fact, the machinery that produces this knit probably came around about ten years ago. It’s the finest gauge knit you can do, making a very wind-resistant and tight face to the fabric. But you can still get a lot of stretch out of it – it’s a 4-way stretch – because it’s a knit. Read More »

A cameo on Portlandia

Posted by Rick | February 23rd, 2011 | Filed under Art

Nau Portlandia_Yellow

Now that the Portlandia hype is simmering down a little, we’re settling into watching the show like normal people (ie, on-demand or via youtube clips). A few episodes ago, our Riding Jacket made a cameo alongside another Pacific Northwest classic, Kyle MacLachlan, who plays Portland’s yoga ball-bouncing mayor.

So far, they’ve poked fun at Stumptown’s bike culture, ad agencies, book stores, locavores and adult night clubs, to name a few. Now IFC is giving them a second season, proving that Portland humor has national appeal. Which Portland stereotypes do you think they still need to tackle?

design eye: the new spring line

Posted by leighann | February 22nd, 2011 | Filed under Design Eye


This month, Peter talks about his inspirations behind the new spring line, and why it’s different from seasons past. We caught up with him just before he left for Project in Vegas…

Thought Kitchen: What were some of your main inspirations for the spring line?
Peter: In the spring, it’s more about crafting a minimal wardrobe. In a lot of ways, the spring offers even more personal pieces that blur the line between technical and sportswear. This season was about taking the time to look at items from a very minimal, how-they-fit-into-the-wardrobe kind of aspect.

How is this line different from previous spring seasons?
We have some incredible new fabrics that allow this expression of “less is more.” We have a 2.5 layer fabric that we are using in the Wafer Pullover. It’s so light and modular in its sense of movement. And there’s the Palm Pullover which uses the fabric that we’ve had in the line for awhile, with the Lightbeam series. But we revisited it and out of that came this simple pullover. Overall, this new line pays more attention to fabric and considers how someone can complete their wardrobe, as opposed to just having a few little items. It’s a more complete collection.

Would you say this collection has a theme?
Yeah, the whole collection has this sense of movement, whether it be physical or global movement. I think it reflects this sensibility of Read More »

Music Monday: Eyes Wide (Fool’s Gold Remix)

Posted by Rick | February 14th, 2011 | Filed under Music, Who We Are


This track is stunning. The original was already pretty perfect, but there’s really something incredible about the remix Fool’s Gold put together, featuring rhymes by Aristotle. Often remixes don’t add much more to a track than a heavy bassline and distorted vocals, but this one goes way above and beyond. Download it for free below and throw it on a Valentine’s Day mixtape for your sweetheart!

Local Natives – Eyes Wide (Fool’s Gold Remix ft. Aristotle) | Download

Eyes Wide (Fool’s Gold Remix ft. Aristotle) – Local Natives by Thissongissick.com

New School/Old School Cool

Posted by Rick | February 11th, 2011 | Filed under Outdoor Sport, Who We Are

Skateboarding has always been a controversial sport around here, not in a “skateboarding is not a crime” way, but from a brand perspective. Basically, there are some people who feel like skating isn’t a “Nau sport” and others who do. A couple weeks ago we came across a video that we all agreed upon—Killian Martin: A Skate Regeneration. No doubt, his style is highly influenced by ‘80s freestyle skating, along with his background as a gymnast and his obsession with surfing. Killian’s also getting a lot of love in the fashion blog world for a video that shows a totally different take on street skating, where he’s decked out in ‘50s-style clothing and pulling off his crazy acrobatic moves to a soundtrack by Ricky Nelson. We’ve always appreciated athletes who push boundaries, and if this style proves to be a new direction for skate culture, we’re all for it.

Collective Snapshot Winner: On Snow in Mongolia

Posted by Josie | February 7th, 2011 | Filed under Who We Are


Last month we asked for your best shots of Nau on snow. Congratulations Jefferson Mok, we’re sending you a new Shroud of Purrin Hoody for finding snow in even colder and more remote places than we ever expected.

Jefferson braved the -30 Celsius temperatures traveling through Mongolia with a Down Vest and a Shroud of Purrin Jacket. He gets bonus points for capturing the strange polar bear landmark on the road outside of Ulaanbaatar. Burr.

Send your photos and tell us about your adventures – overseas or in your backyard – to share@nau.com. Next month we’re giving away a men’s or women’s M3 Hoody. We’ll add the winning photos to our Collective Snapshot Winners album and announce the winner here on the blog on March 8th. Good luck.