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Look behind the label

Posted by Alex | November 12th, 2010 | Filed under Design, Partners for Change, Personal Reflection

An amusing parody from designer Lunchbreath, lampooning so much of what passes for ‘social responsibility’ and ‘environmental stewardship’ in the corporate world. Just a reminder to dig a little deeper when someone tells you they’re doing good things with your money.

Of course, when you order from, you get to decide where 2% of the purchase price goes. To learn about the (not vague at all) group of non-profit partners Nau donates 2% of every sale to (none of which have line-items for mistresses, escorts or dominatrices), check out our Partners For Change: they’re the real deal.

(Also, be sure to check out Lunchbreath’s other stuff, including the fantastic Killer Jellyfish of Graphic Design Favors. Those of you with illustrator CS5 open 14 hours a day will appreciate it.)

(via Treehugger)

2 Responses to “Look behind the label”

  • November 16, 2010 at 9:49 am | Nate says

    psst – It’s Lunchbreath, not lunchbreak…

  • November 19, 2010 at 8:22 am | Alex says

    Whoops, thanks Nate. Fixed!

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