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Last call for Entries in a GOOD contest!

Posted by Alex | March 24th, 2010 | Filed under Partnerships, Sustainability


That’s right! Only one week remains until the submission deadline in GOOD Magazine’s Everyday Solution to an Extraordinary Problem design project, sponsored by Nau. And while the ideas have been pouring in to GOOD’s contest page and twitter feed, there’s still one entry we’re waiting on: yours.

From Tax incentives for low-emission vehicles to scheduled blackouts to the simple act of thinking of others before we spend, the current entries include some interesting ideas. Can the creative folks here in the Thought Kitchen can top the current contenders? We think you can. Prove us right, and you could be the lucky winner of eternal Thought Kitchen glory. Well, that and a $500 Nau gift certificate. Glory’s got to look good, after all.

To enter, post your comment to GOOD’s contest page, tweet @GOOD, or e-mail projects[at]goodinc[dot]com with a pressing global problem and your creative, DIY solution. Don’t forget to post it here too, in the comments section below.

newhampshireP.S. And while you’re over there at GOOD, check out the winners of their recent “Design a Neighborhood Infographic” contest. This ex-granite stater loves the idea that we could all be neighbors in New Hampshire, though I’m not sure Profile Lake or my favorite corners of the Pemi would be the same with the neighborhood density of Brooklyn…

2 Responses to “Last call for Entries in a GOOD contest!”

  • March 29, 2010 at 12:39 pm | Kendall Wu says

    THE PROBLEM: Getting Tangled Up in Hangers

    Wire and plastic clothes hangers are used by millions of people everyday including consumers, retailers, dry cleaners, and the hospitality industry. And yet most people don’t think about the impact of using these hangers.

    A couple of statistics to put it into perspective:

    - 3.5 billion wire hangers are thrown into US Landfills each year. A wire hanger requires 40 inches of wire so this is ~2.2 million miles of wire, or the equivalent of 100,000 tons of steel.

    - Of the typical polystyrene or polypropylene hangers, only 15% are recycled properly. The rest end up in landfills taking hundreds of years to degrade and releasing harmful chemicals into the environment.

    THE SOLUTION: A Clothes Hanger Eco-Cycle

    The solution to this problem is simple and can be approached at multiple levels:

    Environmentally-friendly hanger options exist made out of bamboo, PET, and paper. People just need to use them.

    For industry, programs can be created to encourage use of these options such as trade-ins and cost-sharing. Besides, it’s the mark of a socially and environmentally responsible business.

    For you, the consumer, recycle hangers with your cleaners, get your clothes pressed/folded instead, and encourage your local businesses to use eco-friendly hangers.

    Together, we can all look good while having a positive impact.

  • March 30, 2010 at 1:35 pm | Alex says

    Great idea, Kendall! Thanks for the submission (be sure you’ve sent it to GOOD, too) and good luck; judging starts in just a day and a half…

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