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Posted by Josie | November 20th, 2009 | Filed under Here/Nau/NYC, Uncategorized

Har Mar Superstar played at an event in our SoHo store on Tuesday. Wednesday morning the emails and photo’s started pouring in from the crew in NYC about the party from the night before.  He played again last night and  I’m hoping he kept it PG-13 for our customers sake. Check this guy out:





The Design Eye in NYC

Posted by Peter | November 18th, 2009 | Filed under Here/Nau/NYC


The day starts and you look to the window and determine what type of outfit you will need for the day, and what after work activities you are going to blend into once that time clock is shut off.

I have one outfit to protect me from the elements and keep me comfortable on my subway commute, and make me feel confidant, and  stylish after the work day comes to a halt.  Whilst in NY the temperature was unseasonably warm (mid to high 60′s ) and on and off rain.

I chose my outfit as follows; Mens Riding jacket,
M-2  stripe crew, organic cotton tee as an underlayer, Italian wool 2 tone scarf,  Slim  caviar wash denim and my leather side zip low boots. The perfect setup to conquer my NY day into night and protect me from the elements.

Did I mention I HEART NYC?

Now I go and conquer the new snow load distributed on Mt Hood.  Did I mention I HEART PDX!

The Big Day

Posted by Gordon | November 12th, 2009 | Filed under Here/Nau/NYC


As big as any so far…we’re officially opening our doors to New York City for 50 days of interaction, experience and education.

At Tuesday night’s private media opening, it was hard to tell which impressed the crowd more: the store aesthetic, the energetic vibe, or the Nau product itself.  The one thing that was clear – beyond the genuine enthusiasm of what we created and what was about to unfold in the coming 50 days – was that no one believed the space had been built in only 10 days, and that it was intended to be a temporary installation.

My favorite comment from the night: “You have to stay”.

Even our musical guests, Zee Avi and Will Dailey, had to outfit their bands in Nau for their upcoming tours before leaving, and they’ll now be making a stop to play Lizard Lounge the next time they pass through Portland.

Today we unveil our project to the public.  With the help of Secret Machines on stage tonight, the photography of our Grantees for Change Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele, and the support of a tremendous number of partners here in NYC and back in Portland, here/nau/nyc finally (officially) arrives.  We won’t be staying this time around, so make sure you come see us during the next two months if you find yourself within striking distance of 69 Mercer Street in Soho. Keep a close watch on the ever evolving calendar of events as we weave through the beauty, performance and sustainability themes with a dynamic list of community events, activities and charitable partnerships.

We look forward to seeing you there, and staying connected through Facebook and Twitter. And, whichever way you visit, we’d love to know what you think.

here/nau/nyc in pictures

Posted by Eugénie | November 9th, 2009 | Filed under Uncategorized

The latest and greatest from our crew in nyc, working around the clock for our opening this week. Check out the here/nau/nyc calendar for the complete schedule of events. All photos are by NY-based photographer Vina Parel Ayers, www.vinaparelayers.com.












here, nau, nyc

Posted by Gordon | November 2nd, 2009 | Filed under Uncategorized

here_nau_nycWe are officially on our way to SoHo for the holidays, ready to mix with the Collective that we have yet to meet – the artists, athletes, and activists of New York’s greater Metro area.

We signed a lease and started painting this weekend in a discreet space on Mercer, just north of Broome.

Why SoHo? We wanted to be in a space that would be convenient, easy to find, and welcoming to all.  And, we needed to find a space large enough to throw a party (or ten), play live music late into the night, and be open to creating a buzz.

After a pretty involved search this Fall, we found the perfect two-story space. For the street level, we’ve designed a clean, minimalist retail space to host Nau’s Fall 2009 collection, peppered with some of our favorite sustainable and socially responsible complimentary brands. Downstairs, we’ll have a coffee bar, lounge and gallery.

In a series of blog posts over the coming weeks, we’ll share details of the making of the pop-up, including the dumpster diving process we just went through to assemble locally sourced, sustainable store fixtures; the store design and our site specific art installation process; the line-up of music, featured artists and events; and the selection of our local charity and other partners.  Part store, part gallery, part event space, and with plenty of room for all things unpredictable, our NYC pop-up’s about sharing our approach to sustainable business and considered design with our friends out East in an unforgettable way. It feels great to finally see the first of our plans unfold.

We hope to see you there, and if you are not planning to be in NYC in the next two months, tell your friends to come say hi for you.