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Archive for October, 2008

First Taste of Winter

Posted by hal | October 29th, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

Picture 1.pngFrom the lofty vantage of the Sierra, Cascades or Rockies, the ‘high peaks’ of New Hampshire’s White Mountains can seem like a little bit of a joke. After all, while western peak-baggers tick the summits of ‘fourteeners’, those of us who grew up among the aged and glacier-worn peaks of the east had to be satisfied collecting the more modest mountains of the four-thousand-foot club. And though I was raised scrambling among those peaks”whose names, like Lafayette, Madison, Chocouroua, bespeak their colonial scale”I have to confess that a half dozen years spent in the shadow of mountains nearly two miles taller had begun to wear off on me.

So it was a bit of a reeducation in Northeastern Weather to find myself squinting into the teeth of an October snowstorm last week, hiking at a mere 3,800′. Low on the flanks of Mt. Washington, only halfway up the cobble-strewn trail to Tuckerman’s Ravine, my hiking partner and I pulled on jackets and gloves as light flakes began to fall. As we climbed higher the clouds dropped to meet us, and fog ghosted about the talus as the storm flung sharp flakes against our faces. Soon, we had to pause at each cairn to pick out the next trail marker among the rhime ice. By the time we reached the summit, two inches of snow had fallen, and the summit had taken on the aspect of an antarctic expedition camp.

It was a short storm, clearing shortly after we began our descent from the summit, but it offered a reminder of the joys, and challenges, of the coming season. Back in Portland, Mt. Hood gleams under fresh coat of winter white, and from Boulder to Mt. Bachelor friends are seeking out the first tracks of the season. Winter’s coming. And, if Mt. Washington is any indication, you don’t have to go high to find it.

This post was submitted by former Nauian and frequent contributor, Alex Hamlin, who was recently back East to compete in the Head of the Charles and took some time out to do a little climbing. Thanks Alex.

Road To Relaunch Part 10 – Open For Business Unusual…Again

Posted by admin | October 21st, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized


We’ve been busy working our you know what’s off so we could relaunch our new website and introduce our Fall 09 line. Well, we’re finally there. We crossed that particular finish line and now we’re back in business (unusual).

Saying we’re happy to be back would be an understatement. We’re ecstatic. If you’re reading this, you’ve undoubtedly contributed to bringing Nau back to life. Whether you have Nau hanging in your closet, or know one of us who works here, or have been engaged with The Thought Kitchen, you know what Nau is doing to try to contribute to positive change. We wouldn’t be here without your support.
Thank you. We are deeply grateful.

As we welcome you back, it seems fitting to draw upon the meaning of Nau itself. In the Maori language it translates to “Welcome. Come in.” And, please let us know what you think.

The Gang At Nau

The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

Posted by admin | October 16th, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

According to the Guinness Book Of World Records, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the most translated document in the world. It’s roots reach back to post World War II realities. The document gave voice to the first global expression of human rights to which all human beings are inherently entitled. It was originally ratified by the United Nations on December 10, 1948.

In recognition of the 60th anniversary of its ratification, Seth Brau, who is part of the brilliant team at Cool Hunting, was asked to translate the document once again, but this time his task was to bring its words and meaning to life through motion graphics. The result is a stunning and moving presentation. For a fuller explanation of the project as seen through Seth’s eyes, refer to this post on Cool Hunting.

The Road To Relaunch Part 9 – Getting Close

Posted by admin | October 14th, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

Picture 4.png
We’re getting closer. We can now say that our public relaunch will take place on Tuesday, October 21st. At that time we’ll launch our new website and our Fall 08 product line. Stay tuned. And, of course, thanks for your patience!

Oregon Manifest

Posted by admin | October 8th, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

Picture 21.png
If you happen to be visiting Stumptown this weekend be sure to check out Oregon Manifest. Portland is known for a number of reasons but one is most certainly its bike culture. It’s a diverse ecosystem with many connected parts, all of which gave birth to Oregon Manifest – which will feature a stellar gathering of custom framebuilders, bike centric vendors, bike themed parties and, for the finale, a cross race extraordinaire.

Things kick off this Friday. the central venue is the Leftbank Greenroom. But check out the full schedule of events here.

Park(ing) Day 2008

Posted by Josie | October 6th, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

From San Francisco to Sydney, 200 parking spaces in more than 50 cities around the world went from money making street parking spots to public parks for one entire day. PARK(ing) day was founded in 2005 by REBAR and The Trust For Public Lands as a way to promote public parks. For me, it was the celebration of a day where bikers, walkers, and public transportation users win, and cars lose.

The Road To Relaunch Part 8 – Our Sister: Horny Toad

Posted by admin | October 2nd, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

Picture 5.png
In our last monthly digital newsletter known as Off The Grid we asked our readers a question about Horny Toad, our new sister company. The question: What inspiring venture did Horny Toad create to do the right thing with their shipping and distribution? (Note: As Nau get’s ready to re-open for business we’re proud to say we’ll be working directly with the same inspiring venture). We got a wave of delightful responses. Alright, we primed the pump by offering to pick a name from those that answered correctly and give them a free Profile Fleece Hoody. In the spirit of passing on the good vibe associated with “doing the right thing”, I thought I’d share a few of the responses here:

“The Planet Access Company ships Horny Toad stuff in cooperation with the Search Development Center. Search employs adults with disabilities. These folks are also provided with training & life skills, housing and fantastic outdoor adventure opportunities. Bravo!! I’d like to add that I am so happy that Nau and Horny Toad are together. They are 2 companies I have always admired. And I’ve been a regular reader of The Thought Kitchen from the beginning. Great stuff!”

“They partnered with the non-profit i think called Stars that does training and job development for people with disabilities. the folks in that program then began working for Horny Toad filling their customer orders. when i read that bit of their website, combing it after hearing they’d bought nau, tears were flowing. i thought it was such a great story and was encouraged that the most inspiring company i’ve ever worked for was in good hands.”

“They started PAC!! Way to go Toad…love what you do and how you do it.”

“I’m so glad I checked out the Horny Toad website and even MORE thrilled that they are partnering with NAU! I originally heard about NAU because I make micro-loans through KIVA and heard that NAU was a big supporter of KIVA. Now I find out that Horny Toad partners with the Search Development Center to provide fulfilling jobs to adults with disabilities and this provides a socially responsible way to provide shipping support for their company. Brilliant! I love it! My husband and I live in Chicago and after reading about this awesome non-profit I think I’m going to find a way that we can donate some time to the Search Development Center. Thanks for brightening my day!”

And one more for good measure…

“In keeping with the spirit of your new alliance, I propose a name change. It combines the two companies’ existing names with the mindset of your young-thinking, vibrant customer base. Surely, someone in meetings has already proposed it: Horny Nau. Happy to help my favorite clothing business and glad to see you will carry on with this new venture.”

Happy Birthday Worldchanging!

Posted by admin | October 1st, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

Picture 2.png

Today is Worldchanging’s 5th birthday. We want to offer them a celebratory cheer. Why? because we love who they are and what they do.

In a world that increasingly lurches from one crisis to the next, it’s refreshing to adopt the Worldchanging perspective. They’ve created a unique venue “to find, discuss and imagine the world’s most innovative solutions to the planet’s most pressing problems.” It’s what Alex Steffen, Worldchanging’s co-founder and Executive Editor, likes to call “solutions based journalism.” If you want to learn about how to change the world and keep learning about how to change the world, and if you value thoughtful discourse, Worldchanging is a great place to hang out.

Along the way they’ve received the Utne Independent Press Award, the Green Prize for Sustainable Literature and numerous nominations including Webbies for Best Magazine and Best Blog, and Bloggies for Best Writing and Best Group Blog. And, in their spare time, they published a best selling book entitled Worldchanging: A Users Guide To The 21st Century.

Alex, from all of us at Nau, happy birthday to you and the entire gang at Worldchanging!