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Archive for August, 2008

The Road to Relaunch: Part 4- Web Partners

Posted by hal | August 29th, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

womens_genderpage_screengrab.jpgIt’s been a busy couple of months in Webland. We began design of a new site back in February or so, and were literally days away from launching when the word came down that we were closing our doors. So, one of the first things we had to do in order to get back in business was to try and get that new site back on track. Our partners at ZAAZ have worked with us to modify the front end design to reflect the needs of the new Nau, and have teamed up with our brand new partners at ZaneRay who are producing the back end, requiring a substantial amount of work to integrate the two.
Once having assured one another that the two systems were indeed compatible, August has been spent in trying to take all the content we’ve been able to acquire and/or produce and load it into our new web architecture. We’re hoping to have that done in the next ten days or so, and then begin testing the new site, with an eye to a fully functional site experience by October.
The image attached offers a peek into the new design. Faster, more user-friendly, with a lighter overall look and feel. A good reflection of the new Nau we think.

Pop!Tech 2008

Posted by admin | August 22nd, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

Picture 1.png

The folks over at Pop!Tech recently announced their conference theme and speakers for Pop!Tech 2008. This years theme: Scarcity and Abundance. As they describe it: “This year, we will pay particular attention to the 21st century dynamics between systems based on scarcity and those based on abundance, in areas ranging from digital social networks to environmentalism, from biology to business, from peacemaking to politics. We’ll chart the core scarcities that humanity will face in this century, and how a wealth of new innovations, new bottom-up approaches to collaboration, and new insights into collective wisdom might hold the key to addressing them.”

One of this years many noted speakers is Jessica Flannery the co-founder of Kiva.org, one of Nau’s Partner For Change organizations.

Visit their website for a full lineup of this year’s speakers, more information on the Pop!Tech community or to watch the Pop!Casts of past presentations.

Your Ideas. Your Decision. Amex’s Money.

Posted by admin | August 15th, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

Picture 2.png

Check out the Members Project sponsored by non-other then American Express. Better yet, nominate your favorite project dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. The top vote getters in the final round of voting will share $2.5 million – $1.5million for the winning project; $500K for the second place project; $300K for the third place project and $100K for each of the two remaining finalists. Projects have to be nominated by August 19th. The 25 finalists will be announced on September 9th. PS. You can register as a guest if you’re not an American Express cardholder.

Working like….

Posted by hal | August 11th, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

IMG_00961.JPGThe Fall samples are starting to arrive, and we’re making sure that everything’s on track. Jenny’s checking the waistband sizing. Lucy’s on inseams.  Everybody has their job to do.

The Big Wild

Posted by admin | August 4th, 2008 | Filed under Uncategorized

Its humbling when you step into vast wilderness, or in our case when you get a floatplane to drop you off at Duo Lakes, in the heart of the Peel Watershed, in The Yukon, just outside the arctic circle, for a 14 day descent of The Snake River. Duo Lakes is about 200 miles from the nearest highway and an hour and half by floatplane to the nearest settlement. There is nothing so remote in the lower 48, where the farthest point from a road ” a specific spot in Yellowstone National Park ” is 20 miles.

Having recently completely the trip I can say that “The Big Wild” is descriptive of what we experienced. It also happens to be the name of an activist oriented, social networking community that wants to keep at least half of Canada’s public land and water wild forever. That’s a grand and important vision given that currently less then 10% of Canada’s wilderness is currently protected. Meanwhile, conservation science says that maintaining a healthy ecosystem in Canada requires that at least half of the land and water remain in its natural state.


The Big Wild refers to the part of Canada that is still in its natural state. The large roadless area where rivers flow free, big lakes and oceans lap against wild shores and animals of diverse species roam as they have for thousands of years. The Big Wild is every person across Canada and around the world that gives a damn about wilderness protection. Hats off to its founders – The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Mountain Equipment Co-op.

The Big Wild acknowledges the power of the collective. As they say, “since one voice is seldom heard in our hectic world, The Big Wild is a collective voice that will be heard across Canada and hopefully around the world.”

To check out some more of Peter’s exquisite pictures of our trip and, if you’re inclined, to donate money in support of The Big Wild check out our Snake River Big Wild Challenge.