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Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Posted by Rick | February 19th, 2008 | Filed under Design, Positive Change, Sustainability

onecoldhandstickersml.jpgLosing a glove sucks. Usually, if you’re biking or on a walk, you try to retrace your route and hope that some kind soul has picked it up and stuck it on a fencepost”but that rarely seems to happen. What ends up happening is that you keep the other glove for a while, unable to throw it away because technically, it still works. You almost feel sorry for it, like an identical twin that’s been separated from its sibling, until finally you have to donate it or toss it away. It’s so much better to lose a hat, because at least you know the hat has more of a chance for a second life.

The One Cold Hand? blog is an ingenious lost-and-found on the web that reunites Pittsburgh’s lost gloves with their lonely counterparts. Designed by Carnegie Mellon art student Jennifer Gooch, the site is a work of art in itself, with each lost glove telling a story and inspiring the imagination. But this isn’t just for show”As of yesterday there have been 12 happy endings where gloves have been returned to their rightful owners.

One Response to “Cold Hands, Warm Hearts”

  • February 19, 2008 at 2:29 pm | Ryan says

    great post
    i lost a glove a few weeks ago, so i can sympathies. thanks for the link.
    maybe the person that picked it up, will still have it?
    The one glove is missing the other i can tell – glove tragedy.

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