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Calling All Citizens of Oregon and Friends of Oregon

Posted by admin | November 2nd, 2007 | Filed under Environmental Change, Positive Change, Sustainability, Who We Are


The fate of Oregon’s future is in voters’ hands right now.
Voter turnout has been frighteningly low for our current election in Oregon. Increasing turnout is critical to passing Measure 49, the ballot measure to fix Measure 37 and protect Oregon’s farms, forests and watersheds from sprawling subdivisions, big-box stores, strip-malls and gravel pits.

Please email or call all your friends, family and coworkers in Oregon and remind them to vote Yes on 49 and drop off their ballots at a ballot box.You can also tell coworkers and neighbors that you can collect ballot envelopes on Tuesday with the pledge to carry them all to a ballot box before 8 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Ballots must be dropped off at a ballot drop off site by 8 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 6. It is too late to mail in ballots. Ballot drop off site locations are listed HERE.

A YES vote on Measure 49 is the only way to stop the damage unleashed by Measure 37: massive subdivisions, strip malls and big box stores on farm land, threatened water supplies, forests, and special places that we have so carefully protected over the years. The timber industry and developers who stand to make a fortune from an unchanged Measure 37 have already spent $2 million on misleading and confusing ads.

4 Responses to “Calling All Citizens of Oregon and Friends of Oregon”

  • November 2, 2007 at 3:21 pm | Debbie says

    I hope 49 does not pass. I’m so tired of the extreamist yelling that the sky is falling, or in this case the land is going away. We are talking less than 2% of land in this state you all need to get a grip.

    49 will take away my ablility to build one house on my land. If you think otherwise than you have really read 49. I could have been producing for the past 30+ years but instead I limp by with hay…why? Because I live an hour away. Others like me have moved to other states but remained stuck with these useless peices of land. We can’t sell them because no one will buy them. The state lied to us when they were doing SB100…told me it wouldn’t do anything to my land.

    In all reality, the land use here only helps the California millionaires who moved here to buy the “little farms” to keep Oregon families off their land. There is no reason in Oregon’s land use. If you think I’m wrong in that statement, then you’ve only talked with those who think the land use is wonderful.

    If the people of Oregon want my land to stay the weed filled patch it is then they should pay for it. Not keep me off and then send me a yearly tax bill! The state of oregon told me they want me to ‘give’ my land to the neighbor! Is that the kind of person you want to be? I sure don’t.

    I voted NO on 49.

  • November 2, 2007 at 3:24 pm | Debbie says

    If you think otherwise than you haven’t really read 49

    I’m old, not all my fingers work well any more. I guess if the state keeps stalling this I might die and then they won’t have to worry about me any longer. Not that they worry about me now…it’s just my land.

    Sorry to have miss the typing….

  • November 5, 2007 at 11:28 am | Eric says

    Check out which groups endorse measure 49 at the bottom of this post. PLEASE share this with others and please encourage them to vote YES on 49 (www.yeson49.com). This is by far the most critical environmental issue facing Oregon in years.

    Measure 49: Finding the right balance for Oregonians

    Ballot Measure 49″on the November 6, 2007 ballot”is a fair and balanced approach to solving the mess left by Measure 37:

    Measure 49 protects Oregon’s farmland, forests and places where water supplies are limited. It also protects rights of families to build homes on their own property.

    Measure 49 fixes the flaws in Measure 37 that allow large housing subdivisions, big-box stores and strip malls where they don’t belong.

    Measure 49 restores balance by helping small property owners and preserving Oregon’s special quality of life for future generations.
    The Facts on Ballot Measure 49

    Ballot Measure 49 protects the property rights of small individual landowners by immediately allowing them up to 3 houses on their property, if the law allowed it when they bought their land. And it will pass those rights on to a surviving spouse or to someone who purchases the property from the current owner”something that Measure 37 did not do. Measure 49 does not require claims to be refiled, they’ll simply continue through the process.

    Additionally, property owners can build up to 10 houses if they can document a financial loss equal to the value of the additional houses”as voters intended with passing 37: If property is high-value farmland, forests or places with limited water supplies”as defined in the act, then only up to 3 homesites may be added.

    Ballot Measure 49 closes the loopholes and protects the places that make Oregon special, stopping the abuse of huge housing subdivisions, strip malls and industrial development where they simply don’t belong. Following passage of Measure 49, commercial and industrial development, as well as large subdivisions, must proceed through the existing land use processes”through which land is reserved for those purposes.

    What if Measure 49 fails?

    No limits on industrial and commercial development on farmland, forests or places where water supplies are limited. That means claims in progress, including the rock blasting and quarrying operations, riverfront landfills and shopping malls, can proceed.

    No relief to the mess facing taxpayers”billions of dollars in compensation demands on the one hand or the huge cost of infrastructure for sprawling development on the other.

    No limit on the size of housing subdivisions, even in places where roads, water supplies and other infrastructure simply cannot handle such large-scale development.

    No requirement for claimants to actually prove they have suffered the losses that would trigger the right the build.

    No ability for landowners to transfer development rights. This will hurt individuals and families who just want to provide a home or two for their children.

    Oregon says goodbye to its farmland, forests and natural resources at an unprecedented rate, like in other parts of the world where land is usurped without the benefit of land use regulations. This is about our quality of life, and about resources critical to a strong economy for future generations.

    The many organizations that endorse Measure 49 include:

    American Heart Association/American Stroke Association
    American Farmland Trust
    AORTA (Association of Rail and Transit Advocates)
    Architecture Foundation of Oregon
    Association of Northwest Steelheaders
    Audubon Society of Lincoln City
    Audubon Society of Portland
    Benton County Farm Bureau
    Bicycle Transportation Alliance
    Bill Thorndike, Medford Fabrication
    Brick House Winery
    Brooks Resources Corporation
    Celilo Group Media
    Central Oregon Landwatch
    City Club of Portland
    Clear Creek Distillery
    Coalition for a Livable Future
    CoMotion Venture Capital
    Congressman Earl Blumenauer
    Congressman Peter DeFazio
    Congresswoman Darlene Hooley
    Congressman David Wu
    Democratic Party of Oregon
    Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
    Elders in Action Commission
    Eugene Weekly
    Eyrie Vineyard
    Food Front Cooperative Grocery
    Friends of the Columbia Gorge
    Friends of French Prairie
    Friends of Forest Park
    Friends of Kellogg & Mt. Scott Creeks Watershed
    Friends of the Metolius
    Friends of North Clackamas Park
    Governor Vic Atiyeh
    Governor John Kitzhaber
    Governor Ted Kulongoski
    Governor Barbara Roberts
    Heritage Seedlings, Inc.
    In-Accord Inc.
    Inchinnan Farm
    Inner City Properties
    Jefferson County Farm Bureau
    Johnson Creek Watershed Council
    Kalmiopsis Audubon Society
    Kerr Pacific Corp.
    Lange Winery
    Larry Duyck Farms
    League of Women Voters of Oregon
    Lemelson Vineyards
    Linn Benton Lincoln Central Labor Council
    Linn County Farm Bureau
    Marion County Farm Bureau
    McKenzie Guardians
    National Trust for Historic Preservation
    Neil Kelly Co.
    New Villages Group
    NORPAC Foods, Inc.
    Northwest Natural
    Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association
    One Green World Nursery
    1000 Friends of Oregon
    Oregon AFL-CIO
    Oregon Business Association
    Oregon Chapter – American Planning Association
    Oregon Education Association
    Oregon Environmental Council
    Oregon Farm Bureau Federation
    Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV)
    Oregon Natural Resources Council Action
    Oregon Rural Action
    Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition
    Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
    Oregon Wild
    Oregon Winegrowers Association
    OSPIRG – Environment Oregon
    Polk County Farm Bureau
    Portland General Electric
    Portland Community College Faculty Federation
    Portland Oregon Visitors Association
    Ponzi Vineyard
    Sauvie Island Organics
    Senator Ron Wyden
    SEIU Local 503
    Shiels Obletz Johnsen
    Sierra Club
    The Nature Conservancy in Oregon
    The Organizing Collective
    Thomas Hacker Architects
    Tualatin Riverkeepers
    Turtledove Island Development
    Tyee Vineyards
    Urban Greenspaces Institute
    US Bank
    Vernier Sofware
    Washington County Farm Bureau
    Willamette Pedestrian Coalition
    Winter’s Hill Vineyard
    Working Assets
    Yamhill County Farm Bureau

  • November 5, 2007 at 12:28 pm | Eli says

    Debbie, that is incorrect, and a flat out lie perpetrated by the no on 49 people. You will be able to build up to three homes. Open your eyes, and your heart. This state belongs to the people, not a few rich developers.

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