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Ideal Bite’s Top 10 Tips

Posted by Rick | October 10th, 2007 | Filed under Environmental Change, Sustainability

Picture 2.pngOrganic beer? Vegan sneakers? All-natural lube? Ideal Bite is a tasty website offering daily suggestions on how to live more sustainably. What makes the site so compelling is the fact that these eco-tips are simple, sassy and”to keep the food puns rolling”easy to swallow. Check out their Top 10 Tips to get your green on:

1. Beat SUV-related Guilt.
Want to make less of an impact? Purchase carbon offsets for your auto through services like CarbonFund and NativeEnergy. They’ll calculate the CO2 that your car is responsible for creating and you, in turn, offset that CO2 by funding projects like wind farms that combat global warming.

2. Shop Vintage.
A fact you already knew: it’s cheaper to buy used clothes and furniture at second-hand stores. But a fact you probably never thought of: buying “vintage” is just another form of reusing and recycling. It also helps to avoid support sweatshop labor, and you’ll never have to worry about your friends showing up to a night on the town in the same skirt as you.

Picture 1.png3. Go Natural with Your Yoga Mat.
90% of today’s sticky mats contain PVC, considered to be the most toxic of all plastics. Combine a natural yoga mat (made from organic jute, cotton or all-natural rubber) with non-toxic cleaners that don’t contain potential hormone disruptors… and may all your downward dogs be chem free.

4. Go Veggie – One Day a Week.
Becoming a full-time veg head not your thing? No worries… just pick up a veggie cookbook and try cooking veggie once a week. You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to eat well while eating healthier. Because meat production’s so resource-intensive, if 10,000 people gave up eating steak just once every seven days, it would save enough water to fill 22,719 Olympic-sized swimming pools and the weight of more than 9 humpback whales in fertilizer.

5. Lather, Rinse, But Do Not Repeat.
According to many hair stylists, shampooing once every two days is usually plenty, unless maybe you’re a swimmer or mud wrestler. The waste that shampoo bottles create should be reason enough, but shampooing too often also strips away beneficial natural oils from your scalp, along with floating more soapy chemicals into the waterways.

6. Download Your Music.
Buying music online is cheaper, and avoids the waste caused by the production, packaging, and distribution of CDs. If you absolutely have to have the CD booklet or limited edition disc, try to buy it used.

7. Kick the Bottled Water Habit.
Americans use 4 million plastic bottles every hour – but only 1 in 4 is recycled. Use home water filters instead, because believe it or not, bottled water isn’t always cleaner, and the production, shipment, and disposal of plastic water bottles are taking an enormous toll on the environment. The Bite’s team members use non-leaching, lined aluminum SIGG bottles (pictured at right ” available from Ideal Bite’s website).

8. Cuckoo for Coconut.
Edible, drinkable and rubbable! In oil form the wonder fruit is a luxurious skin moisturizer and when eaten, coconut’s lauric acid helps protect against herpes, the flu and heart disease. In addition, it may aid in weight loss since your body doesn’t store coconut oil as fat – instead it’s converted directly to energy. One big tub of this stuff will save you from buying a zillion other plastic bottles of other products.

9. Just Say “No” to Junk Mail.
Junk mail is more than just annoying. If everyone in the US was able to reduce their 10.8 pieces of junk mail received each week, we could save nearly 100 million trees each year. Search for “junk mail” in our Tip Library to get the links to online forms to get your name off junk mail lists.

10. Set the Lint Bunnies Free.
Cleaning out your dryer’s lint screen after each load is an easy way to save energy and reduce fire hazard. Believe it or not, a dirty lint filter can cause your dryer to use as much as 30% more energy.

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