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Cut & Paste Design Tournament

Posted by Rick | September 18th, 2007 | Filed under Design


Designers, for the most part, are wizards behind curtains, creating graphic identities and telling visual stories without getting kudos from the people who they’re communicating with. For some, the desk or the cubicle is a safe haven. But Cut & Paste is trying to shed light on the creative process with a series of iron-chef style digital design tournaments that are taking place across the US as well as in Asia and Europe. To get a feel for the event, check out this Cool Hunting video from New York last year.

I got involved in producing Cut & Paste in Portland based on the video above and because I get prickles on the back of my neck when I watch art being created. The Portland stop for Cut & Paste is Friday, September 21 at the Wonder Ballroom. Check out the website and buy advanced tickets here.

How does it work? Over the course of several fast-paced, single-elimination rounds, eight designers will be whittled down to one champion. The contestants’ work will be subjected to tough time limits and projected, in real-time, for the Cut & Paste audience. Winners of each round are determined by the following panel of judges:

Kristan Kennedy, PICA
Joshua Berger, PLAZM magazine
Jose Cabaco, Wieden + Kennedy
Jason Bacon, UNKL/Giant Robot
Eric Lawrence, Ziba Design

Presiding over the event will be Portland’s MC Ohmega Watts (The Fix) who’ll be backed up with music thrown down by Rev. Shines (The Lifesavas) and DJ Kez (360 Vinyl, Rock Box). Worth the price of admission right there!

Other Cut & Paste Design Tournament Stops:
San Francisco ” Sept. 29th
Chicago ” Oct. 6th
Los Angeles ” Oct. 13th
London ” Oct. 20th
Berlin ” Oct. 23rd
Tokyo ” Nov. 3rd
Hong Kong ” Nov. 10th
Sydney ” Nov. 17th

Hope to see you there!

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