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The Thought Kitchen Video Roundup, Vol. 1

Posted by Rick | March 21st, 2007 | Filed under Outdoor Sport, Sustainability, Who We Are

Video_Roundup_1.gifOver the past year, as the Nau team has grown, email exchanges have evolved from simple work-related threads to correspondence that is, how shall we say, more rich. And this swapping of viral videos isn’t necessarily frowned upon”especially if the movies speak to who we are: artists, activists, athletes. (The great thing is that those categories can arguably cover everything youtube has to offer.)

Having accumulated enough interesting videos to fill a workday, we thought we should just pick our five favorites and share them in The Kitchen.

Top 5 of the Month:

1. Rinpaeshidan’s one week painting

2. Good Magazine’s High Line video

3. Ali G’s prophetic Iran Vs. Iraq segment

4. The Corporation Trailer (in case you missed it or need to revisit)

5. Don’t call us surf rats!

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