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Photo of the Year 2006 Winner

Posted by Rick | February 8th, 2007 | Filed under Partnerships, Positive Change, Who We Are

POTY06.jpgA few months ago, we announced our sponsorship of the Photo of the Year Contest and now we have a winner! Congratulations are in order for Kristen Muskat, whose dramatic image of a Zanzibar mangrove tree received the most votes from both judges and attendees of the award ceremony. The gala event generated $13000 for the MESD Outdoor School.

To further support The Outdoor School, purchase a POTY calendar from Ink Promotions: 503-715-3404.

One Response to “Photo of the Year 2006 Winner”

  • March 5, 2007 at 9:04 pm | Wanderingson says

    Photo of the year is a brilliant concept yet to be fully tapped by the genious staff at Nau. As your fanbase grows and you gain dedicated followers, you will be able to tap some into an incredible source for your graphic designs and overall marketing strategy.

    Throw this idea arouns a wee bit. Open and online photo submission contest much like the good folks over at Jones Soda Co. Lure folks into submitting their images with potential for utilizing these images for online and in-store graphics and displays. BY doing so, you tap into the customer loyalty base and other’s are quick to jump on the bandwagon. Set some parameters on specific themes and sit back and allow your dedicated customer to build your photo collections.

    Here is a way to teach an old dog Nau tricks when it comes to building a loyal customer base. I would be more than willing to share additional thoughts on various marketing and publicity concepts. Total customer involement and branching out into unconventional ways of doing business appears to be the Nau business model for others to follow.

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