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Give a Dime

Posted by admin | December 5th, 2006 | Filed under Environmental Change, Positive Change, Sustainability

missing_profile_pic.jpgI learned about greendimes yesterday and was immediately smitten. Here’s a company that could finally rid our mailbox of junk mail! I thought I was on top of the situation, but we hit an all-time junk mail low this year when we started receiving Pottery Barn Teen catalogs. (I had innocently purchased a gift card from PB Teen for my niece at my sister’s explicit direction and have been punished with the catalog ever since – it’s a medically proven fact that these fluffy mailers can cause migraines in adults.)

But, greendimes to the rescue! First, they are going to get us off junk mail lists and unsubscribe us from the catalogs we tell them to stop (hasta la vista, PB Teen). Then, they are going to plant 12 trees for us over the next year, all the while tracking the impact we and others who “give a dimeâ€? have made by stopping our junk mail ” trees planted and spared (20,000 and counting) as well as gallons of water saved (over 31,000 to date). All for a very modest price.

I am filled with hope.

I received an e-mail from greendimes thanking me for subscribing. I wrote back right away to say thank you, and promised to get the word out to others. Interestingly, they advised that when they tell credit card companies we don’t want their junk mail anymore, we may get letters regarding an “investigationâ€? throwing in words about our “credit file.â€? Sly, those companies. I am grateful for the heads-up since I am usually easy prey when it comes to mail scare tactics… but no more!

I was eager to check my mail today but wasn’t concerned that it was still full of junk mail because greendimes warned me it will take a couple of months to win this battle. Waded through a few catalogs for (hopefully) the last time before sending them to the recycle bin. Gleefully fed a fat credit card offer to the shredder with a knowing smile on my face. Am holding tight to the dream that greendimes can put the fun back into checking the mail while doing the planet a big favor.

2 Responses to “Give a Dime”

  • December 6, 2006 at 9:23 am | Matt MacGillivray says

    This is an amazing find! Everyone will find this useful. I can’t wait to be a sapling (when it’s available in Canada).

  • December 7, 2006 at 7:50 pm | marty mcdonald says

    Very cool, Christine. I will sign up. I get buckets of this stuff and it drives me crazy.

    Do I see an opt-in, interactive email catalogue from NAU in the making? I suspect.


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