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Who Inspires Us, Part 2: Howies

Posted by hal | October 11th, 2006 | Filed under Compassionate Capitalism, Positive Change, Sustainability

Howies.pngI love these guys. A small group of boarders, surfers, and cyclists holed up somewhere in Wales, living the life they love. They sell clothes. Good clothes. Fun stuff. And the clothes seem entirely consistent with the attitude and values of the folks who make them.

But what I love most about Howies is their voice. It’s a collective voice, earnest and honest and intelligent without being full of itself. These guys care deeply about addressing the issues of our day, but their messages are all rooted in an underlying optimism. Something we could all stand to emulate.

Picture 2.png

A sample from their site. For more, check them out at

One Response to “Who Inspires Us, Part 2: Howies”

  • October 12, 2006 at 10:39 am | Austin says

    Howies is just great. What they seem to do is take a basic sentence, and then start subtracting words until all that is left is the pure powerful meaning.

    “Love me, love my bike.â€?

    Not marketing. Poetry.

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