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Heart & Sole

Posted by admin | September 22nd, 2006 | Filed under Design


I love shoes. I may love shoes more than any other inanimate object and that includes iPods, titanium bicycles, and other sexy, unnecessary items. I am certain that I inherited this from my mom, an artist, whose love of shoes runs so deep she has let it dictate various projects of hers. While my appreciation of footwear is broad, when it comes to the shoes I actually buy, I’m pretty picky and I tend to want some narrative behind my kicks (What do you expect? I’m a writer).

Medium, based in Santa Barbara, looks at shoes a little differently than most. Essentially, they define their company as a design studio that just happens to have chosen footwear (primarily) as the thing that they focus their skills and points of view on. They identify themselves as making products by and for the creative class, a recently defined group, and their products blend old-world commitment to craftsmanship with subtle design touches and a modern aesthetic.

I really like the way Medium shoes look. And feel. More importantly, in an increasingly branded world where everything you buy has implications, and where I view my purchases as active support of companies I like, their identity is clearly stated, both in words and in their product, and it elevates the power of design as both a medium and a message.

PS: Remember Simple? Well Eric Meyer, the guy who started Simple, is one of the designers behind Medium.

One Response to “Heart & Sole”

  • December 7, 2006 at 12:15 am | skot says

    Eric is a stand up guy. About 10 million years ago when I was publishing STuF Magazine off my dad’s zerox machine I called up Vision Streetwear to solicit an
    ad or something thing. I ended up having 10 minute conversation w/ Eric and it left a mark. He followed with an awesome pair of green suede, shell toe, HT’s and I reconfigured them w/ Red laces ~the rest is history. True story, cool guy.

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